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Happy Birthday Miku!

- niconico "Birthday Song for ミク"  [ ] - Karaoke mp3 DL [ ] - Instrumental mp3 DL [ ] - UTAU ust file DL(by nmasao1) [ ] Music: Mitchie M [ ] (@_MitchieM) MV Direction: llcheesell / Tatsuro Ogata   [ ] (@llcheesell) Character Modeling: kasokuSato [ ] (@ksk_st) Character Animation: Hiromu Konno [ ] (@hirotsu162) Composite & Animation: Ryuka [ ] (@okiyama) Logo & Typography: Hibiki (Dawnlight affects) [ ] (@Hibiki1005) Animation Actor: Futa

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 3 Thoughts

On the next episode, of Dragon Ball Z! After finally finding the time to write, (as well as time for watching anime) it's time for the next episode of Suisei no Gargantia! For a quick recap, our main man Ledo has unexpectedly found himself on the planet of Gargantia. He so far has no way of getting home and has to deal with his current circumstances. Deciding to assist the place and people he currently knows, he uses Chamber to defeat the invading pirates. Instead of just merely incapacitating the targets, he instead reduces them to dust. The once feared pirates are now reduced to nothing, and the battle has ended...but at what costs? In this episode we find the citizens of Gargantia to be more upset with Ledo than pleased. Ledo really doesn't understand what the problem is, which is completely understandable; he is a soldier after all. He feels he was just carrying out his mission like normal, as all he knows is to destroy and kill. Thankfully Amy and Bellows give hi

Japanese Music Spotlight #8

Message by The Sketchbook Just a song I stumbled upon while browsing tumblr. It's fast paced tone and overall sound is very appealing. Lyrics: Nanige naku fuiteta sono kaze ni Kizukazu sugoshita jikan wa Me no mae no kotoba yori omotakute Sukoshi dake tooku ni me wo sorashita Iitai koto moshi tsutaeraretara Ooki na koe hariagerarenai kedo Todoku to ii na To my friend Kikoeru kana Ore wa futsuu ni genji ni yatteru yo Waratte ita ano hi no sora wo mi nagara Kurikaeshi no you na mainichi mo Sukoshizutsu atarashikute Omoide mo uwagaki sarete shimai Donna kotoba wo erabe ii ndarou? Kazaranai ari no mama no omoi ga Todoku to ii na To my friend Daijoubu sa Machigau koto mo mayoi mo suru kedo Kawatte yuku sekai wo Ore wa hashitteru yo Natsukashii kaerimichi Hibiku koe wa Maru de ano hi no mama Wasurenai you ni nooto ni tsuzutta Kotoba wa itsumo tsutaetakatta messeeji Todoku to ii na To my friend Kiko

Blog Update: No More College...For Now

Hello again everyone! I'm finally done with college, and have finished my finals so it's time to get back into the writing mode! I don't have much for you all today, but I shall be bringing a few interesting stories soon. Again, my apologies for the delay. I'll try my best to not let it happen again! Here's a Vanguard picture! See you all soon, mata ne!