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Blogging for Everyone, Not Just Me

People always say that we make blogs for ourselves and that the primary focus of a blog such as mine is our own thoughts and feelings. However, this thought never sat well with me. If we're all connected on this vast world through the internet and the little community known as the aniblogosphere, why would I spend my time only talking about myself? Even if it comes to simple editorials, spotlights, or more, my thought process when blogging is the exact same every time. I'm writing for my readers, and myself. For this reason, I encourage and even ask for people to comment and share their thoughts on anime. Why not get into heated discussions about your likes and dislikes? Just keep it calm and don't go overboard. You can even connect with people who enjoy the same things and discuss; that's the beauty of the Aniblogosphere. I think this is the only way to keep the community thriving and alive.  Otherwise, we'd just have a bunch of loudmouths. For example,

Onigiri Online Thoughts

Are any of you guys interested in picking up another MMO? Well, if you've taken a look at my YouTube , I uploaded a video displaying the character creation of Onigiri Online. From it's name, you can easily tell that its a Japanese-based online game. (Onigiri is the word for rice ball in Japanese.) However, this game certainly has nothing to do with rice balls of any sort. The game features more of an earlier time period Japan setting. The game has a traditional feeling to it, similar to something like Dynasty Warriors. The story isn't all too complex. Basically evil monsters and dark spirits wrecked havoc on the world. They were eventually sealed away by Amaterasu, the sun goddess. Time has passed and one of the seals has broken. Naturally it's up to the player to do something about the incoming waves of monster attacks. Aside from the story, the main feature that is highlighted is the weapon change system. As I played I was conveniently able to switch be

Lessons from Anime: Destiny is Something YOU Create

Do you believe in fated events? If everything in life was predetermined, from our personalities to our future, why would humans continue living? Why would we push forward when all we can accomplish is so much? The answer is simple, we're not bound by any special paths we have to follow. I think we may have a few things that push us in the right or wrong direction, but everything isn't out of our hands. In fact, we could argue that we control everything that happens to us. Even with everything planned out and perfectly suited for us, simply making the wrong decisions can lead to ruin. While I've always thought this way, this isn't the case for everyone. It's understandable to feel helpless. Even now I sometimes have doubts, especially when bad things happen one by one, it feels like I'm not in control. However, when I watch anime characters who struggle against the odds and ends life gives them, I see that life is what you make it. Not necessarily saying t

Taking an Anime Breather

I'm sure you've all noticed that there's been a recent lack of posts regarding anime. There's a good reason for this of course; I'm simply taking a break from anime. I believe that there's a possibility of having too much of a good thing, even when it comes to Japanese animation. So in order for me to enjoy and have fun with the new series that are currently airing and others which I wish to watch, a break is necessary! Still, don't let that get you down. I'm going to keep posting of course! I'm just getting a little tired of seeing the same trends in anime, reusing the different tropes, different plots with minor changes, and such. Also, I'm pretty tired of having to drop different series, because they don't appeal to me. In the meantime, I'm playing a lot of Nintendo and other games. If you are subscribed to my  YouTube , I might be uploading a bit more there. Its a little barren, but there's more to come soon. I hope to get

Now That E3 is Over.. Let's Review

I'd like to take the time to share my own thoughts about E3 and gaming. I've been looking around and seeing many different opinions and impressions. For some reason, a lot of people say E3 didn't really stand out to them. In fact, a couple say that there was absolutely nothing worth anything there. So it makes me wonder, were people watching the same broadcast? Coming from my background, I've had my hands on most of the game systems. Whether it be Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft, I've been involved with each in some way. So I feel this gives me a more open look at video games. While I obviously favor a certain company more than another, it doesn't stop me from looking at another's games. So I can say that, so far this E3 was probably one of the most exciting for me. I'll admit it right now, that I pretty much liked everything Nintendo had to offer over everything else. I'm not a person who enjoys heavy violence, maturity, and shooting

Our Personalities Are Linked to Our Anime

Do you ever take the time to think about the anime you like? What about the colorful characters that fill the animated world? Do you know why you like those characters? Some people may, and others may not. However, when it comes to our likes and dislikes I've noticed a lot of it has to do with the type of person we are. A friend of mine casually joked that everyone he's met has been similar to the first shonen they watched. I kind of laughed it off, but I didn't realize how true it was. Naruto was the first shonen anime that I really got into. I really view the anime and the characters in a positive light, but imagine if I didn't start with Naruto. What if something like Bleach or One Piece had been my first? Since I had learned so much from a simple anime, my outlook on anime and certain traits about me would certainly be different. So this raises a completely different question; are we shaped by anime or our shaped by ourselves? From my view, I think there'

Nintendo Press Conference Summary

Hello again everyone! If you weren't up early enough, Nintendo had their press conference today! I'm glad to say that E3 has finally begun and I can't wait to see what's in store of us. I'm an avid gamer and Nintendo fan, so E3 is like heaven for me. So I'm here to bring you some info on what happened at the press conference. I'm aware that I may not be as fast as most people when it comes to news updates. However, that's not going to stop me from bringing information I find important. Onward to the news. During the press conference today we got a good look at great new features in games. The first game of course, was Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS. Surprisingly new characters were announced, but they weren't really the ones we were expecting. The Miis finally take their place in Smash Brothers!  While many have been begging for character customization, this is probably the closest we'll get for now. I can say that I'm pretty ex

The Element Fire in Anime and Life

In life and animation, we tend to see elements grouped into multiple categories and stereotypes. Water is known to e calm and cool. Earth is rigid and grounded. Wind is light-hearted, and on the move. When it comes to the elements, there are mainly positive connotations associated with each. However, with fire we see a wide variety of views. The common viewpoints of fire label the element as being inherently "bad." When we look at crazy villains they rarely wash the villages and towns away with water. They usually use fire to burn down things in their path. Fire is the thing that people tend to associate with danger. Burning buildings, smoke rising, burn scars, and more. Connotations I've seen in fictional media are hotheadedness, leadership, wildness, lack of restraint, rage, danger , destruction , and evil . See the large amount of negative qualities linked to this element? Why is fire treated in such a way? I think the answer lies within our media and even

Underdog Characters Never Cease to Amaze Me

Underdog is a word for a character who starts off with the lower end of the stick. They aren't particularly good at anything, they lack style and class, or they're living in unsavory conditions. Yet no matter how weak, useless, or puny they are, the "underdogs" continue to surpass all odds and become the best they can be. I can't help but have respect for these types of people, over their "perfect" counterparts. To me they will always be more appealing for many reasons. They Prove That Anyone Can Accomplish Anything Impossible? What does that word mean? For underdogs it usually doesn't exist. These characters are usually inspiring, because they shatter the basic beliefs held by most people. For example, the underdogs start off weak as previously mentioned in the other paragraph. Usually since they are so weak, people tend to ignore or overlook them, some even think they won't amount to anything. However, it seems that they live to break

Let's Share:【東方Vocal】【Halozy】 感傷の摩天楼

Just a simple music spotlight for today, since I've been obsessing over Byakuren lately. I've never been much into Touhou, but Byakuren is a character I really like! Enjoy~ ☆ 曲名 / Title: 感傷の摩天楼 ☆ Title Translation: Sentimental Skyscraper ☆ 原曲 / Originals by ZUN: 東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object 感情の摩天楼 ~ Cosmic Mind Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind 法界の火  Fires of Hokkai ☆ 歌 / Vocal: ほたる ~ Hotaru ☆ 作詞 / Lyrics: 疒 ☆ 編曲 / Arrangement: すみじゅん ~ Sumijun ☆ サークル / Circle: Halozy ☆ アルバム / Album: (C80) Aqua Trytone ☆ HP: ☆ イラスト / Illustration: wogura (Danbooru)

Tanjoubi Omedetou Rise-Chan! (Happy Birthday Rise)

Hello and good evening everyone! Today is the birthday of one of my favorite characters, Rise Kujikawa from the Persona 4 series. Rise Kujikawa is a former idol by the stage name of "Risette," who ends her career to work at her family business in Inaba, Japan.  Rise eventually gets wrapped up in the series of crimes taking place in the game, and provides support for the playable characters. In the game, the color associated with her is pink. This can be seen by the pink glasses, and her being of the Lovers Social Link in game. She's recently been announced as playable in the new Persona fighter, Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax. If you're interested please check out the video at this link. She is pretty much my favorite female character in the Persona series, alongside Yukiko Amagi and Aigis. I'm very excited to see her in Persona 4 Arena, and I'll probably play her a lot once the game comes out. For anyone who wants Rise fan art, I've created a folde