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Happy Birthday Hanayo-chan!

Support the artist! Good evening everyone! Today is January 17th, which is Hanayo Koizumi's birthday! I'd like to take the chance to say, Happy Birthday to one of my favorite Love Live characters; Hanayo. As usual for those who don't know, Hanayo, is a character from the popular idol anime, Love Live . The anime also has a video game version known as Love Live: School Idol Festival ; which features a rhythm game like play style. I recommend checking it out! Hanayo being born in mid January makes her a Capricorn in western zodiac. This sign is an earthen sign which represents balance and a more down to earth personality. She is somewhat of an introvert, but is very knowledgeable about idols, and sports glasses at times. The main trait that people know her for is her famous white rice obsession. Although I relate a bit more to Honoka Kousaka, Hanayo is definitely an amazing character. I admire her passion when it comes to idols and I love that she just eats as much

Anime Artist Spotlight: Mynare

Hello everyone and welcome to 2016! This is Shooting Star Dreamer's first post of the year, so Happy New Year! For today, I'd like to take the focus off of Shooting Star Dreamer and pass the spotlight to another creative individual. Today's topic is Mynare: a digital artist that creates extremely superb work. Focusing mostly on art of video games and anime, Mynare has composed many art pieces which showcase a more "cute" feel to most characters. Attached in this post are many of his works, as well as links to his social media accounts. This time, I was able to get feedback from the artist himself on work, anime, and personal life. Artist at a Glance "I am a digital artist, and I mainly focus on drawing fan art from my favorite video games or anime. I actually consider illustration nothing more than a big hobby, I don't see it as a profession... I really just have fun drawing!" "In the real world, I'm currently an art student st