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Shooting Star Dreamer: Open to Suggestions

I'm listening to you, my wonderful readers! Behind any successful business, blog, or website are the visitors. Without visitors, a blog may have little purpose. Without the blog, the visitors would not be able to gain any knowledge or insight. Both are necessary in order to be successful. With that being said, here at Shooting Star Dreamer, I greatly value my readers. Interacting with you all, getting feedback, and other such things, brings me great joy. I feel that from now on, in order to grow the site and make it better, I need a little bit of insight from you. Therefore, I have opened a suggestion box. Previously, I have taken suggestions in the form of emails or other contact means via social media. However, that might not be the most convenient way for my readers to reach me. Thus, I wanted to create an option that allowed anonymity and ease of use for anyone regardless of who they are. The only requirement is that you have to be a reader...which isn't too bad. (

The Sunshine Award: My Anime Life

Hello and sorry about the recent lack of posts everyone! I've been dealing with computer issues for a long time, and now that everything is resolved I can begin posting somewhat normally. Upon seeing this post you may wonder, exactly what is this award all about? This award comes from a friend of mine and fellow blogger over at  WanAbrar , Rei. If you have the time please check out his blog, as I was once writer there! He has a lot of quality anime related posts! Moving on, for this award I will be answering a few questions Rei created for his nominees. I will also be nominating a few other bloggers who I communicate with or visit very often and I hope they will also do the same! The reward is basically communication; bloggers get to spread awareness of others they fancy, and readers get a look into the personal life of their writers. With that being said, let's get onto the questions alright? What is your most favorite anime genre and why? Honestly, although

Anime for Newbies and Pros: Watch Challenge

Click for the Challenge! As many otaku know, watching anime is a lot of fun. However, watching with others is where the real fun begins! Although many bloggers reach out to those who are currently in the anime community and have a decent knowledge of it, we sometimes forget about those who are just picking it up. Maybe they haven't seen many series or maybe their primary source of anime was from television, whatever it may be, we should focus more on helping others enter the anime world. Yes, I would love to do that by providing newbies a little bit of resources and advice. However, this is not the post for that. For this post, I would like to share an opportunity to watch a lot of anime, meet like-minded individuals, and have a little fun. This event is called the 2015 Anime Watching Challenge . Yes, this is a watch challenge. It takes place on a website called MyAnimeList , which does a decent job at providing an outlet for users to list their watched anime, as well a

Happy Birthday Honoka Kousaka!

Support the Artist! Happy Birthday to one of the most outgoing and inspirational characters I know, Honoka Kousaka! As usual for those who don't know, Honoka is a character from the popular idol anime, Love Live . If you wish to know more about the anime, don't hesitate to check out that link. I also featured Honoka in another post of mine, Three Inspirational Anime Females , if you have the time, please take a look! Honoka is the main driving force behind the school idol group, μ's, (pronounced muse) and is responsible for it's overall creation and success. Due to her positive outlook, enthusiasm, and passion, Honoka worked to bring all the characters together to form the wonderful group that exists today. Due to this, she is usually seen as the leader of the group and is often the center. Honoka Kousaka is born on August 3rd, making her a Leo, which is a fire sign of the zodiac. This can relate to her leadership role and her high-energy lifestyle. Her signatu