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Happy New Year and Resolutions!

I hadn't intended to make a post today, but I found myself with the free time and energy to do so! Today is New Year's Eve for me, and 2015 has already hit for others. So while this is a time about moving forward, it's also a time about thinking back and not leaving things undone. Now that we're officially at the end, I looked through all my blog posts from this year and those from the beginning of Shooting Star Dreamer. It's crazy seeing how much my writing has evolved over the years, and how my interests have changed and developed. In the past, I could see myself running with the potential to be successful and do a lot. I had a lot of passion, but I was running on passion alone. This time around, I picked up a few new things and experiences. I feel more mature, wiser, and most importantly, more intelligent! Now, I can picture myself progressing like a well oiled machine. I think that's a major improvement in a matter of a year. So looking back at thi

When Hardware Transcends Gaming: Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls

We've seen and heard of many anime related to gaming. We've witnessed super popular ones such as No Game No Life, and others like Hyper Dimension Neptunia are pretty well known by fans. However, what if one of the gaming companies themselves, decided to make an anime out of their hardware? What would be the result? The answer is Hi☆sCoool! SeHa Girls! With that being said, shall we take a look at this wonderful work? To start things off, I'll begin this post with the anime's opening and finish with the ending. Feel free to skip over it or watch it! Opening Characters Dreamcast In this anime we see personified versions of Sega's respective consoles. We have Dreamcast, the bright, optimistic, and cheerful girl who is prone to causing trouble and antics for the group. She's a personification of well Dreamcast, and her design makes references to the console. (See the obvious controller on her head.) Even though we are shown Sega Saturn first

Thoughts on Santa Company

What does Christmas mean to you? What in the world is Santa Company ? A few of you might have those thoughts after reading the title of this post. It doesn't have anything to do with a toy company or any other sort of event. It's well, an anime about Christmas. Santa Company started off as a KickStarter project , an idea by Kenji Studio and TAG International. After it was fully funded, a short 28-30 minute anime episode was produced. The anime features a few characters, the main ones being young workers at the Santa Company. The goal of the company is to deliver presents all over the world for Christmas. While people are used to a single Santa Clause and single team of reindeer doing all the work, this anime shakes that idea up a bit. Instead, we have multiple Santa Claus and multiple reindeer. We even have more than one red-nosed reindeer. Noel White, The Central Character. The Santa Company is a little different though. They don't necessarily deliver presents

Anime Xmas Wallpaper Pack

Good evening everyone! The holiday season continues, and I'm bringing you yet another pack of images. This time, it's a pack of beautiful anime wallpapers! Even the Christmas Eve and Christmas is here and ending soon, feel free to keep the decorations up until the end of year! That's how I do things anyways! Like before, the images will be divided in three different parts. The first will be a link to the gallery, featuring every single image separately. Feel free to browse if you want insight into what you're downloading before you actually take action. The second will be a link to a zip file containing the full wallpaper pack, and the third will be a website to easily find the source of images. It's perfect for those who like an image so much they want to find the other work of an author. Like always, I try not to include any images that are questionable, so feel free to download. Hopefully you all enjoy the Anime Xmas Wallpapers and enjoy the holiday season

Anime Xmas Image Pack

Hello everyone! Hopefully you all are enjoying the holiday season and soon to come Xmas! As my gift to you, I'd like to give you all something more than a few renders. This time, you're getting a whole lot of Anime Xmas Pictures! Instead of just giving you all a wallpaper pack, I decided that I wanted to share some of these images with others, instead of keeping them all for myself. So here they are, various images of various characters in various sizes. The only thing not various about them is the theme and quality! The images will be divided into three different ways. I'll post a link to each one of course. The first will feature an online gallery of all the images, made for easy browsing and for those who like to see before downloading. The second will feature the zip file of the image folder, with all the images at your leisure. The third will be a link to one of my favorite sourcing websites, in case you want to find the artist of a particular image. So hopefu

Favorite Anime Holiday Episodes

It's the holiday season, and there's no better way to spend it than watching anime episodes with our friends and family! I really love this season, and I love when anime that are airing about this time include an episode focused on Christmas, or other such things. Although there are many anime that do this, ones which I have and haven't seen, I have a few that are absolutely my favorites! Here's my list of favorite anime with holiday episodes! Super Sonico the Animation "A Saint Comes to Town" Fuuri and Sonico dressed for Christmas! This anime may have been written off or looked down upon by many viewers, but I can say that I loved it. It was bright, colorful, and full of lessons and jokes all throughout. One of my favorite episodes, is definitely the Christmas one.  Named, " A Saint Comes to Town ," the episode focuses on Sonico and friends getting involved in a struggle between two department stores. Christmas is approaching and t

50 Holiday Anime Renders

Hello, and hopefully everyone is having a great holiday season! If not, hopefully these holiday anime renders will make your day! See the End of This Post for Renders, Otherwise Feel Free to Keep Reading! As a graphic designer myself, I have a hard time finding resources to use. Most of the time, I have to end up making my own renders, or making necessary edits to the ones I do have. Now I know that it isn't too hard to do these two things, but like anyone, my time is pretty limited. So finding good renders that are already perfect for use is really great! On a side note, I have to say that I really love the idea of renders. I used to make a whole bunch of them constantly to share with others, and I received a few negative comments about them via DeviantArt. Many said they weren't forms of art, and that I was doing something that was shameful. I didn't really understand what was wrong with that. To me, renders are a form of art. Sure, we're just removing the e

Inspirational Role Models to Save Teens

Role models play a huge role in many people’s lives old and young. They give us inspiration, encouragement, determination to keep going in life even when things look gloomy. They sometimes even represent hope for those who think they’ve lost it. The example I will be using is one of my favorite animes is Angel Beats and my favorite character from there is Masami Iwasawa-Chan! She is considered a role model to me because I can relate to her situation very well family matter wise. I feel young children desperately search for a role model so that they can set goals for themselves and save themselves from things they don’t want to deal with in reality. Many young teens nowadays go through a ton of drama regardless of whether it is concerning family, friends, relationships, or they just have so much anger bottled inside of them. Whatever the cause of the problem may be they are always searching for a way to release that sorrow, that pain, that anger, those emotions. Many find

Anime Blogging: Effort and Work

This is the look a blogger usually has on their face! Almost anyone can have the chance to start anime blogging, or blogging of any kind, but I think it takes a lot to create and manage a good blog. When I first started blogging I expected many views in a short amount of time. I also expected a lot of guides on what to do and I thought these would pave the way to my success. Unfortunately, there weren't many. I realized as well that success is not always a straight path; simply reading a guide and following it word for word didn't shoot me straight to the stars, but it did help me get off the ground. I'm not sure if there will ever be a guide that can simply make anime blogging a quick success in such a way, as it's such an immensely wide topic, with many different things factoring in. A lot of it is in effort and working habits. Despite this, there's a lot that makes your blog a hit or a miss. Sometimes it can just be your opinions, sometimes it's the top

A Mangaka Who Sticks to Reality Than Satisfying Her Audience

I want to first thank you Rekari-Kun for allowing me just chance to be a contributing author on his blog. It’s an honor to be here and I hope this will become an amazing experience for many others and us. Mangas and animes alike many of the times I feel they listen too much to the audience and twist and turn endings and plots to gain more publicity likes and views. That is an upsetting truth that we can only accept because creative people want their works to be accepted and obsessed over by fans than to be hated and shunned. However, I feel no matter how creative people change their works’endings and plots it can never be able to satisfy the hearts of fans. There will always be those who still hate and shun the ending either way, there will always be hate and unfavor. No matter how hard creative people work they can never understand their fans and must make decisions they see fit for their works. I feel that the manga Hirunaka no Ryuusei is one amazing example of thi

Watching Anime for the Plot

What drives you to watch anime? Maybe to see your favorite characters in action? Could it be the beautiful visuals and colorful art? Whatever your reason might be, usually there comes a time where certain people cannot understand your views. They either don't agree with them or feel their way of watching anime is best. However, isn't this a little silly? There's a lot of images floating around dealing with watching anime for plot. They're usually small collages featuring shots of numerous anime which focus on fanservice, ecchi, moe, or other forms of entertainment which are considered to be lesser than the norm. These images basically make fun of these things and label them sarcastically as "plot." I've had a personal experience with this. In my high school days, I used to do a lot of manga reading, and one of my favorites was Rosario + Vampire. However, it was somewhat looked down upon due to it's content and amounts of fanservice. Despite this

Have You Fulfilled Your New Year's Resolutions?

Since we're nearing the end of year, I decided to take a look back at some of my old posts from 2013. One that I really remember is a post  I made towards the end of last year, December 30th to be exact. It was a basically of summary of what went on at my blog in 2013. I also ended up writing a list of resolutions for this year. For those who don't know, 2013 was the year Shooting Star Dreamer officially started. The blog looked completely different, color scheme and all. It didn't stay that way for long, before I revamped it to the layout you see today. Thus, the blog was named Shooting Star Dreamer 2.0 or SSD 2.0. Although it wasn't my first blog, it was definitely my first anime based one. When I started it, I didn't really have a good writing style or any kind of format. I just tried experimenting and using new things. At one point I thought my blog was going to fizzle out and die like a lot of the other ones that pop up every now and then. I didn't w

Gumi Megpoid Fans Look Here!

Now that I've got your attention, I have some news for you. Are you a Gumi fan? (You probably are if you clicked on this.) Do you like pictures? Do you like music? Do you want to see them all in a central location for Gumi? Well if you do, there's a big treat in store for you. In my spare time, I assist my friend on Tumblr in managing a blog . While we get a lot of views through the Tumblr platform, I thought about all the people were possibly missing out on the Gumi Goodness. So I came up with the perfect idea of sharing the blog here. Don't worry, no account is really needed to access and take part in most things of the  Gumi Megpoid Sanctuary . You can view images, see the music, and even see the big archive with collections of images from every month. We also make sure to source everything, so if you're someone who worries about that, no need to!  Find pictures like these at the Gumi Megpoid Sanctuary .