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Quick Tips For Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

As everyone probably knows, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire has been released on the 3DS. Of course, the games sold well, as there are many Pokémon fans out there in the world. Although the game seems to be aimed at old players, there are a few newcomers at well. Luckily this time, we can easily connect and help each other out through the internet, as compared to the older days where guides and advice was hard to find.  With that being said, what possibilities does this open up? First, for both old and new alike, a few aspects of the game can be a little confusing, and there's a few helpful hints that everyone should know. Although there are a whole bunch of guides out there, the game is still new and fresh, so information may not have reached everyone in all corners of the earth.  So as of now, I'm going to be providing you a few tips and hints on the game. Even if you're a competitive pro, or a casual newcomer, check out this post, as there's a few things yo

What Are You Thankful for Anime Fans?

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is not over yet for some of us, and for others it has already ended! Despite this, hopefully everyone is having/had a good Thanksgiving! It's nice to make the holiday about food, but don't forget to count your blessings and spend time with loved ones! As for me, I'm very thankful that there are many wonderful people in my life. That includes you, my readers. I'm thankful that people take the time to read my post and give their thoughts. The fact that someone uses their free time to listen to my words is really amazing. I wouldn't have come this far without you all, so I'm very grateful. I hope that I can continue to provide quality content as a way to thank you all. I am also very thankful for my family and friends. I wouldn't be here without them. They continuously provide me with support and love to help me reach my goals. I cannot even imagine myself accomplishing big feats on my own, so I am ve

Blog Update November 2014

Hello everyone! Today's post will be pretty short. I haven't made many updates to my website recently, but I have a lot planned for the future! Please stay tuned, as I plan to do a lot of revamps, and overall make things a little easier to navigate. Any suggestions or user feedback would be greatly appreciated as well! So for the Blog Update this time, I'd just like to announce that I've finally gotten around to creating a simple  FAQ page. It can be found in the top bar of my blog, but just in case you're having trouble finding it or are viewing via mobile, I'll post the link here. The FAQ goes over a few simple things about Shooting Star Dreamer and me. I discussed what I write about and my post guidelines. I also gave out a few ways to contact me, as well as information for Guest Posts and Blogrolls. It may be a little hard to read, so I might organize it a bit more later. So, if you're a blogger like me, please look into those! Instead of expla

Love Live School Idol Festival! Overview

There's a lot going on in regards to anime. We have many new series running and overall I think the season is pretty decent. Although right now I currently have Love Live on my brain. I know people might be thinking, "What? It's just another idol anime!" For some reason though, I'm really drawn to the characters, plot, and overall, everything.  Although I'm watching the anime now, what really got me into Love Live was the mobile game. The game is called Love Live School Idol Festival , or sometimes just School Idol Festival when on the app store. If you own an Android or I Phone, or any sort of tablet, download it if you can! Please check the bottom of this post for links.  So you might be asking, what is this game all about? Well, it's basically another anime rhythm game. When most people hear anime and rhythm, they think of Project Diva . Although I really love Diva, I've noticed that many people struggle to play the game and do well. I

Diversity in Anime

A long time ago, I saw an article that questioned the appearances of anime characters. The writer asked why all the characters looked a certain way, and if anime is made in Japan, why did so few characters look Japanese? Taking a deeper look at characters in anime, it's easy to see why such a question would arise. We have wacky hairstyles drawn and illustrated in all colors in the rainbow, and eyes that are of hues and shapes that aren't even imaginable. We have certain unique features that character's possess, such as Naruto's whiskers, numerous forms of animal ears and tails, and even tattoos and other body markings. So while that person may have been stating their opinions in a way that made anime seem limited and set in appearances and personalities, the reality is a lot different. Anime is probably one of the most diverse forms of media that exists today. Still, there are people who think otherwise. I stumbled upon a statement that was really appalling.

Is MyAnimeList Harmful for Bloggers?

We all know of the website by the name of MyAnimeList. It's a wonderful website, allowing you to make a beautiful list of all your watched anime. It's a great way to keep track of what you've seen, and a useful tool for sharing your tastes with others. For me, the website is really great, because I've seen so many anime that I usually forget most of them! However, there's another side that comes in play when we make our lists. We can rate anime by a single number score. A few people take the time to write a more detailed review, but others just stick to the scoring system. In conclusion, all of this factors into an average score which is shown on the anime's page. So this is when personal opinion starts to come in; is this process somewhat harmful, especially for bloggers? I enjoy MyAnimeList as I stated before, but I feel that the act of defining a whole anime by a single number is a bit over the top. If you think of anime in general, it's ba

Anime Shows Successful and Unsuccessful Personalities

Hello everyone! Sorry if I haven't been posting as much lately, I haven't been feeling too well. Basically I've been forced to take on a lighter load and get some rest for once! I guess this is just life's way of telling me "slow down!" Anyways, I just started watching Love Live! School Idol Project . I'm a huge fan of the mobile game , so if you are an owner of an Android or IOS device, I recommend checking it out. It's rhythm based, so if you enjoy those types, by all means download it. Back to the first episode, it basically starts off with a high school student by the name of Honoka. We get a pretty good glimpse of her personality from the beginning. She's optimistic, energetic, lively, and has so much passion. When she finds out that her high school is closing, she goes near berserk and passes out. Later, she wakes up and continues her day like nothing has happened, thinking that everything was a dream. She prances around the ha

The End of Naruto

Hello everyone! Today is a very important day when it comes to anime/manga. Naruto has finally come to an end with chapter 700. I am very happy with the ending, and things played out just as I had expected. I am really thankful that I had the chance to watch and read Naruto, as well as grow up with him together. It's been a long time, but it's finally over. I'm not going to discuss any spoilers, but I just wanted to type a few words since my favorite series is over. So where should I begin? Naruto was the series that got me into anime. Without Naruto, I wouldn't have this blog, I most likely wouldn't consider myself an otaku, and I wouldn't have gotten as interested in Japan and it's culture. I have to thank Naruto for all of these things. Even though it was just the starting part, it has remained as my favorite anime to this day. Secondly, I've learned so much. I know a lot of knowledge is gained through experience and real-life settings, bu

Teachers of Japanese

Almost everyone in life has had a teacher of some kind. However, the level of importance that a teacher has is different. Some people remember certain teachers for life, and others don't think of their teachers at all. For me, I cannot say that I have had many good teachers or many bad ones. I have had a mix of both, but I feel this has benefited me in a way. Now while I talk a lot about Japanese, I don't think I have ever discussed the experience of having an actual Japanese instructor. Taking Japanese formally in class is a lot different than self study. It's the perfect thing for some, but a burden for others. For me, the experience has been somewhat in between. I've struggled a bit in Japanese through my classes, yet I don't feel I would have reached my current level without any help. Still, I practice self study because I want to become the best I can be at Japanese. Regardless, I am very thankful for my teacher. To make things more clear, I take Ja

Examples of a Japanese Speech (Part Three)

No, I haven't forgotten about this series! The speech this time is concerning the topic of favorite places. It was really hard for me to come up with a favorite place, much less describe it. I ended up picking the place I love the most, this world that we live in! As usual, I will post both the speech in Hiragana/Kanji/Katakana and Romaji. Towards the end I will include a rough translation of the speech. I hope you all enjoy this series, because it's a way to bring the formal speech of Japanese to my readers. We hear informal speech all the time in anime, manga, and the like, so I think this a nice breath of fresh air. With that in mind, here we go! 私の好きな場所 私の好きな場所はせかいです。せかいでたくさん人々がいます。そうして、たくさん人々やさしです。私はもっと友達がほしので、もっと人々にあいたいです。でも、私はがいこくごを話すのがじょうずにならなければいけません。 また、せかいはきれいと思います。たとえば、おきい山やきれいうみがあります。私は色々なばしょにいきたいです。 人々が好きだし、せかいはだいじだし、私はせかいにとてもきょみがあります。 みんなさん、せかいはたいせつですか。 Watashi no Suki na Basho Watashi no suki na basho wa sekai desu. Sekai de takus

Halloween Fest Has Ended, Now What?

Hello again everyone! I guess you could call this my second Halloween Blog Update. Yesterday, Halloween Fest went on and I think things went really well. I wasn't able to do exactly everything I wanted, but I still liked how everything turned out. That being said, I would love to do another event like this again for another holiday. Since there isn't much to do for Thanksgiving, stay tuned, and you might see something for Christmas. Next time I will probably ask for some assistance, as doing everything by myself was a little hard! Right now I would like to take any suggestions on what to do the next time I have such an event Feel free to leave a comment here and let me know. I also would love to have some sort of way to receive anonymous questions and suggestions, but I'm not sure how to go about that yet. If anyone knows more on that please tell me! A few things that I will try to do better next time. More things going on, to appeal to a wider audience.