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Anime Blog Thoughts: Personality and Blogging

When I started this blog, I didn't really think of it too much, in regards to me as the writer. I always thought that taking care of the blog mattered more than how I was feeling or the content of my thoughts at the time. When I look at my old blog posts, I notice differences in how I wrote, how I thought, and the lingering emotion behind my words. Sometimes it was great, sometimes it was bad, and other times it was just mediocre. Looking upon this now as an experienced anime blogger has really taught me a good amount of lessons. One that always comes to mind is the realization that a blog's quality isn't always judged or altered by the blog itself. Sometimes, the quality of the blog depends on the one who is writing it. Since all of my words come from my head, unless I am quoting someone else or a specific source, this lesson might seen a little obvious. Funny enough, it took me until now to realize this. So I feel that the best thing a blogger can do to improve the

Club Nintendo Members: Tomorrow Is the Last Day to Earn Coins

Good news and bad news Nintendo fans! If you're one of the lucky ones who own a Club Nintendo account, you're in for a potentially busy day. Tomorrow is officially the last day to earn coins and register products through the Club Nintendo service. After this, the program will be available until July 1st , which will be the official date of complete closure.  So if you've been saving up a few of those codes that come with the games, it's time to break them out. If you've recently purchased any games that released before January 20th , you have time to complete the surveys for them as well. Downloadable games will not require a code, and newer games have codes printed on the back of the cover, so definitely don't forget them while searching! For those who are wondering what rewards are in store, and don't really feel like checking out the site, I can say that there is a big variety . There are posters featuring Smash Brothers characters and other v

Anime Collages and Dreamboards

Have you ever seen people make collages of their favorite anime characters, and wondered, "How in the world did they do that?" Although these are usually addressed as such, they can also be called dreamboards, which is an image, board, or poster, that contains something related to your goals, personal values, aspirations, and dreams. Although these are usually just fun to create, they can be great providers of support and reassurance. If this kind of thing interests you, let's go more in-depth! Now although many people love this sort of thing, sometimes it's not always so easy to make. There's three major ways to go about this, which I will explain in detail. The first way is basically to hop into a image editing program, such as Photoshop and GIMP. Although I know people can do amazing things with Paint, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for this.  Photoshop is paid image software, but you can download a trial version for a free via their websit

Three Inspirational Females in Anime

March 8th, 2015 was officially International Women's Day. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a post out on that day, containing a few of the amazing females present in anime. Although anime may be criticized for it's sexism and different stereotypes, you have to admit that anime appeals to many women, which means it's doing something right. So with that in mind, I felt today would be a good day to share three female characters that are progressive, inspirational, and most importantly, great role models for women. Still, you might be asking, why anime? Why not focus on female characters in all media? The answer is simple, anime portrays females a bit differently than other parts of fiction would. For many creators, the path to creating a strong female character, is to make them more masculine.  We've seen it in many series, girls who can fight and get rough like the males. There are girls who aren't afraid to make use of foul language, and some that even r

Introduction to Kantai Collection

With the release of the new anime, many people are wondering what's all the rage about this series called Kantai Collection. One could relate it's popularity to something like Touhou , a game series featuring many diverse characters. Like Touhou, the catch is that they're all female. So what separates this series from all the others? Well, there's a lot to talk about when it comes to Kantai Collection, so first I think a brief summary is a great way to explain the concept. Basically, during World War 2, many Japanese ships (and a few German) were used in battle. Kantai Collection (or Kancolle for short.) takes these ships and turns them into a massive cast of anime girls. Each girl is based on a ship, and usually their design takes bits and pieces from the ship's history and aspects. The Basis For those who have seen or heard of Strike Witches , it's a similar concept. In Strike Witches, the girls are based on the pilots, and their Striker Units rep