Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Shooting Star Dreamer!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to make a quick post before the end of the 28th. My blog is officially a year old! Thank you everyone for staying with me for this long! I'll continue to do my best! 

This post is also a blog update. Since I'm entering a new year of anime blogging, I feel it's a great time to set up a posting schedule. While there will be a few exceptions, the schedule will look somewhat like this:

While there's no set time for my posts, I'll try my best to stick to this consistent schedule. Please tune in on these days to read my work!

See you all soon, and take care!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Manga: Educational and Entertaining

Manga Used to Teach Subjects
 Manga is what we know as a form of entertainment.  Readers indulge in manga to let loose and lose themselves in a fictional story that takes them on great adventures. Manga can be seen as a form of visual art, but can it also be educational? Some will agree and some will disagree, but manga is already being used as an educational resource in many ways.

If we're looking for educational uses of manga, the best place to look would be it's country of origin, Japan. As seen on the rest of this blog, manga and anime is very prevalent in Japanese culture. We can take this a step further and make note of the importance of art in their culture. Certainly everyone in Japan does not wish to become an artist as a profession, but if this is the case, why does art hold so much importance?

 Manga Characters Used to Educate
Let's examine the workings of the Japanese school system. From the writings of Matthew Swift, we can take a look at his article found here. Education in Japan is a first class example of the better uses of manga. We can see that the students use art not just for career, but for the benefits that come with it.

I think this is quite interesting, because here in America, we tend to focus on the things that create the most income, or interests that are most suitable for careers. For this reason, art is usually pushed off as something that is unnecessary to learn, and we have this false sense of belief that we are unable to create art. Many state that due to "lack of artistic talent" they cannot draw and cannot be taught to draw. I think this is preposterous, as anyone can learn how to create art.

Manga Explaining Biochemistry
From looking at Japan, we can see that they don't put as much emphasis on the career side, but they see the other benefits from learning instead. It's similar to learning for the sake of knowledge. There's no reason why someone shouldn't learn how to do something, even if they don't intend to use it for a higher purpose, the act of learning will provide them with benefits. If more emphasis was placed on this like in Japan, where "completing a piece of work or learning drawing skills particular to comics/animation, students can enhance their concentration and broaden their perspectives."

Manga University promotes manga education.
There's even an organization that pushes this. If you haven't heard of them before they're known as the Manga University and can be found at this website. While not a real school, their personal motto is pushing manga to be used as more than entertainment, but as an educational means. The company provides us with even more examples of  the usefulness of manga, a few being to teach others, instruct, or guide. They even sell products and offer classes to aspiring artists who may not receive the support they need from others. If you've ever had a dream to become a manga artist you should definitely check them out.

While Manga University is a great starting point, there are even other places making an effort to push esteemed visual arts such as manga in the educational system. We can take a look at a Japanese school by the name of Kyoto Seika. The university understands the importance of such art and pushes manga in the form of a degree program. Kyoto Seika is another opening for aspiring artists, to let their voices be heard in the form of comics.

Despite all of this advancement in Japan, we have yet to see much take place in America. I think this is somewhat of a problem, but mainly has to do with the different aspects of culture. Japan sees their art as more than just childish creations, and wishes to use them to their full potential. America is a bit different, while things are changing, most see manga and anime is seen as something geared towards children due to ignorance or misunderstandings. Art is seen as a field that isn't good for a career, and art degrees are constantly shown on the "Worst Degrees to Have" lists.

If we were to change our outlook on the art and take it seriously, it would definitely create a better society. Why would we not take the arts seriously, when it influences our lives in many ways: the music we hear everyday, the anime and manga we view, even the video games we play. All of these can be considered art. They have an effect on us and shape us into the people we are to this day. If we were to take art more seriously as a culture, and combine it with technology, anything would be possible.
From Shonen Jump's manga competition, artists from all over the world had the opportunity to share their art.

A few links to check out if you wish to support the arts such as manga and anime.

Kyoto Seika University

Manga University
Shonen Jump

Sustain the Industry


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Do Endings Make or Break an Anime?

 As anime series wind down to a close, we're left with a last taste in the form of an ending. The ending is the glue to the story; putting everything that has led up to this point into a single idea. While the rest of the anime can have a message, the end is a way to leave that message with the viewer. In a way, the ending is something magical as it allows watchers to carry part of the anime with them in their hearts.

So with something that has this much of an effect on anime watchers, we can assume that endings can make or break an anime. There are recent examples we can examine to see how the conclusion of the anime plays a role in it's success or failure. We can split them into two categories of endings: ones that hurt the anime and others that helped them.  This might contain a few spoilers so readers beware.

The Makers

Angels Beats: While the whole anime was amazing, the ending sealed the deal. The ending was amazing in the way that it addressed the obvious, yet still hit us hard. We knew that everyone was going to eventually disappear, and while we may have or may not have wanted it, we still knew it was coming. When the moment of truth occurred, it still hit hard despite being somewhat obvious. due to this reason. The little section after the main ending and credits, was the icing on the cake. Angel Beats had taken an obvious ending, and combined it with something that was unexpected to create a lasting memory in the minds of viewers. Angel Beats would have been amazing even if the ending wasn't so great, but the ending definitely added to that greatness.


Ano Natsu de Matteru: Another maker, Ano Natsu de Matteru's ending was projected with much beauty and really touched my heart. Like Angel Beats, the anime itself was filled with good times and bad, but it was a very pleasant experience. Each episode kept me looking forward to the ending...and I can say it was a little sad. At first, I thought that Ichika was never going to return and that was the end of it. However, at the very end of the episode when most viewers would have given up hope, we're shown a small picture of Ichika with the sweater Kaito received from his sister, shortly after her departure. This little detail and small clip was unexpected and acted as a closing for the ending, which is a little ironic, but it works.

The Breaker

Mahou Sensou: First of all, I loved this anime. I liked the whole idea behind it and I liked the characters (Takeshi and Mui especially). Sure the plot was confusing, things didn't make sense, and character development may have been halted, but still I enjoyed it. Yet, when it came down to the ending, the anime really slacked. While I could tell that the ending was trying to make the story complex, it didn't do a good job of this. After all, the anime never closed, it just ended abruptly. If things had been settled, then the anime would have been better despite all the other mishaps. The ending, seemingly unfinished and confusing, made the anime seem very lackluster, despite all the enjoyable parts.

So as we examine both types, we can see that the ending does have some influence on the viewer. A bad ending can ruin a perfect anime, or tarnish it's reputation. A good ending can help a less than stellar anime, or make a great one perfect. As we watch and finish anime, there are things that we'll always keep with us: the characters, the music, and the endings.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wake Up Girls! Seven Idols Thoughts

As we move on to the next season, a few of us are still left in the past. An example of such, is me. I haven't finished everything I wanted this season and my watch list has changed immensely, but I hope to catch up to Spring 2014 with the rest of you! For now, I'm currently working on Wake Up Girls!

Concerning the idol genre, I haven't really had much experience with these types of anime. When someone says idol the first thing I think of is Vocaloid, and I love Vocaloid. So shouldn't I love real singers too?

Well when it comes to Wake Up Girls, the answer is yes. So far I'm loving the anime, and the movie was great. I think that music is a great way to change the world, and it's exciting to watch girls of all ages, live up to this. While I tried out IdolM@ster, Wake Up Girls caught me by the hook due to it's more realistic setting in contrast to the vibrant colors we see throughout anime. I started the anime and I'm around halfway through, but I wanted to watch the movie before finishing. If you haven't seen the movie, I highly encourage you to watch. The film adds a different outlook to the story that you won't find in the anime.

Instead of explaining a lot about the movie, here's a quick summary:

"Green Leaves Entertainment is a tiny production company on the verge of going out of business in Sendai, the biggest city in Japan's northeastern Tohoku region. The agency once managed the careers of magicians, photo idols, fortune-tellers, and other entertainers, but its last remaining client finally quit. In danger of having zero talent (literally), the president Tange hatches an idea of producing an idol group. On the brash president's orders, the dissatisfied manager Matsuda heads out to scout raw talent."

The difference between the movie and the anime is quite simple, the movie is a prequel to the events in the anime. Instead of wasting time during the few precious episodes the anime has, they decided to make a movie to explain how these girls got together.  

Kohei Matsuda and Junko Tange, Manager and President of Green Leaves Entertainment Respectively.
 As the movie continues, we see the girls slowly assemble one by one. They all come from different parts of life, some having many talents, others with very few. It's quite nice seeing so many different people coming together for a common purpose. The first half of the anime consisted mostly of this, as we see Matsuda and Tange work to build a good idol group. In about the middle of the movie we see that they run into a problem; there's no center or core.

The second half of the movie somewhat splits off into two different ways.  One part focuses on one of the girls who has yet to join the group named Shimada Mayu, a former idol. The other part focuses on the six girls and their training. The movie progresses forward from there. I won't go into further detail to save time and prevent spoilers.

Awkward meeting with Shamada Mayu
I can say that I was very satisfied with the way the movie turned out. From the anime; once I heard their first song I was instantly hooked. The choreography of the dance was pretty good, and the slight flash of fan service was a nice touch. The girls are all nice and diverse, and none of their personalities really drive me away as each have their own unique charm.

Also I can say that the movie addresses the meaning of an idol and the roles they play in society, which is something that's relevant in our society. Overall I just enjoy a lot about Wake Up Girls, and I think it's a nice change of pace compared to other anime we have which is less realistic and less focused on the common aspects of life. Sometimes it's a great reminder that the life we currently live in the 3D world isn't all that bad, it's exciting enough to be animated after all.

If you're interested please watch the movie! It can be found here. More info here. Thank you for reading!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Interesting Ways to Memorize Hiragana

As you may or may not know, when I first started this blog I barely knew any Japanese. Since then, I've been studying on my own and teaching myself, but I never really learned until I started taking classes. However, something that did stick with me was Hiragana and my unique way of memorizing different characters. If you're a creative person, you might be able to understand as well, if not these may not be very helpful.

I've begun to practice calligraphy, so took the time to write the original hiragana marking on the left, and my creative version or relation on the right.

Hiragana A ~ Pronounced Ahh
Hiragana A ~ One of the easiest ones to remember. I didn't really have any issues learning this, as it looks like a lowercase a as shown in the picture. If you can ignore the t like marking then this should be pretty easy to learn.
Hiragana E ~ Pronounced like English's E
Hiragana I ~ At first you may think this is a mere parenthesis, and if that helps you in memorization then continue to think of it in that way. However, the way I see this character is the same as a lowercase i, or two of them together. When learning my way, I had to keep in mind that the character is not pronounced as we pronounce i in English, but more like the sound an English e makes.

Hiragana U ~ Pronounced like Ooo or sometimes silent sounding

Hiragana U ~ Another one that's easy to remember. While the hiragana is a little different, if we remove the marking about the character and turn it, it easily becomes a normal looking u. U is a bit weird when it comes to pronunciation as it either has a long ooo sound (similar to an owl) or is sometimes pronounced very fast that it sounds silent. Think of a popular anime character such as Sasuke Uchiha. While his first name Sasuke, the u is barely heard, almost as if it's not there. Try saying it to yourself but say the u very fast. It sounds pretty much the same as if it were silent, but a little different. While looking at Uchiha, we see that the U makes an ooo sound. So pay attention to things like these.

Hiragana E ~ Prounced like Ey in Hey
Hiragana E ~ Sorry if this one isn't as up to par with the next, but it's somewhat more creative.  I tried to shift the e hiragana into a Pacman like shape. If you think about what Pacman does...he eats, so eating and e go together. I usually can remember this one on it's own due to it's unique appearance.

Hiragana O ~ Pronounced like "Oh"?
This one is somewhat difficult for me to describe, but it feels similar to u in a way. Think of Naruto's name. The to part is pronounced similar to toe. Anyways, for the character, a way to memorize it is to complete the circle and form the letter o or an oval. Whichever works, this is a great way to learn.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully you learned something. I might do more of these eventually, but that's it for now!

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Shooting Star Dreamer Twitter is Live!

Just a quick little post to send out to my readers....I'd like to let you know that my Twitter is now live and active! I'm still getting used to Twitter, and haven't gotten the hang of it yet, but I hope you all will hang in there with me! I'll be adding the link at the top of my blog.

My Twitter can be found at Please follow me! I'll most likely follow you back.

See you all very soon!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

NaruHina/NaruSaku Shipping and Real Life Relationships

I never thought that I'd ever write anything about shipping, but an interesting question from AniMarch gave me a great idea. While a lot of people argue about ships, compare the character's personalities, and decide who is the better couple, has anyone really taken the time to compare these situations to real life?

Spoiler Alert ~ Proceed with Caution

While I cannot speak for every place on the earth, in the United States divorce and relationship problems are a commodity. It's common to find single parents, domestic violence is present, and in relationships we tend to play a game to get what we want.

Since we're on the topic of relationships, let's bring NaruHina and NaruSaku into real life. I'll be focusing on these two pairings because they're the only ships I really pay attention to. Also a quick disclaimer; don't take this post as an opportunity to start flame wars. I'm not saying either is better than the other yet I might show a bit of favoritism. Let's all be happy and respect each other!

While looking at personalities in the anime world, it's easier and more well presented for us to see, due to knowing and seeing what characters are thinking, as well as having constant access to the material. In real life, this isn't always the case. So while these two are a good guide, a relationship in present day might be similar, but not exactly the same. Let's take NaruHina as the first example and look at the development of both sides of the pairing.

Naruto has developed significantly throughout his time as a ninja. When he was young, he was somewhat of a troublemaker, being isolated and looked down upon by the entire village. Naruto was breaking the mold of the village in a sense. Hinata, on the other hand was somewhat confined by the rules and regulation of the village. While she admired Naruto and inspired by him to change, she was basically near the opposite of him at this point of time, or so it seemed.

We can look further to see that as the series continue they have certain similarities. Both can be seen as an underdog, both have the same motive and life code they follow, and both experience changes in their personalities. They are dynamic, changing and growing unlike certain characters. Even with this, differences are still present.

Naruto's lack of a family, outgoing personality, appearance that makes him stand out from the rest, is heavily contrasting to Hinata's family of Hyugas, introverted personality, and blending in with the crowd. While both are different they aren't vastly different. The difference is just enough to make the interactions between them interesting, but not different enough to alienate themselves from one another. Let's bring this into real life.

Have you ever heard the saying that opposites attract? In this case, the question should be "will opposites last?" The answer, in this case is yes. While different, they both have the ability to inspire one another to keep moving forward. They're both dynamic, changing and improving themselves constantly in hopes to be better, so there will never be a situation where one side will hold the other down. This is perfect in real life as a couple with a member who wants to grow and one who does not seek improvement, will conflict.

Their personality differences could cause problems such as misunderstandings, yet it creates a great mix of wholeness for the two, as instead of two of the same pieces, they have a half of each. When put together, it creates a whole. This is also perfect in a real life situation, as when one looks for a mate they look for their "other half." In a way this can be related to yin and yang, two parts of the same whole. One cannot have yin without yang.

Let's move on to NaruSaku now. While NaruHina is like yin and yang, NaruSaku can be related to yin and yin, or yang and yang. Instead of two different pieces creating a whole, we have two of the same pieces. While this can work, it's a bit more unstable due to lack of balance. Before moving onto to this type of relationship in real life, let's look at Naruto and Sakura's interactions and characteristics.
While Naruto and Hinata are able to relate to each other due to being somewhat underdogs and having similar mindsets, Naruto and Sakura don't have this capability, at least not in the same way. The connecting factor that grows between the two is the recovery of Sasuke, starting with Naruto's promise to rescue him for her. Throughout the time, the relationships is very one sided, leaning more on Naruto's side.

While they have similar traits, such as being outgoing and stubborness in on way or another, their beliefs and morals don't line up very well. Sakura had little respect for Naruto when he first joined, looking down and him and treating him as a nuisance. Naruto didn't typically treat people this way, unless he was going against authority or rules. Even Sasuke notes that this was something that Naruto didn't really deserve. As we see later, Sakura eventually warms up to Naruto completely and begins to shift her own views that somewhat match hers. While Naruto is growing, Sakura also grows, but they grow in different ways.

When Naruto eventually sets off to confront Sasuke, Sakura takes advantage of his feelings for her in other to keep him from leaving. While this may seem worse than it really is on paper, we can see that this sort of manipulation is something that is bad in every day relationships. One should not manipulate the feelings of someone they care about to stop them from their goal. Sakura did not do this in bad spirits; she was simply trying to protect Naruto.

Despite this, they still bring out good traits in each other. Sakura keeps Naruto moving forward towards his goal and Naruto serves as an inspiration for Sakura to get stronger. However, they aren't as dependent on each other as NaruHina. Disregarding this, they have known each other for a long period of time, and have an interaction that can't really be compared. They have the closeness of siblings in a sense, and have been through times that are difficult and manged to prevail, something that Naruto and Hinata haven't really had the opportunity to do.

Though, let's examine this relationship in a real life setting. Sakura's violence against Naruto would definitely not be acceptable in our society, as it could be related to domestic violence. However, both are dynamic and are working towards their own goals. They would most likely not need the support of each other and would be able to manage easily. With their outgoing personalities, they are most likely to lead instead of follow. With this relationship they might face more troubles than NaruHina, but less misunderstandings. 

From examining the relationships of fictional characters, we can learn a lot about real life interactions. In my opinion I'd prefer the NaruHina relationship with contrast but balance, compared to the double edged sword of NaruSaku.

Sorry if this post was long! If you managed to read or skim through it, I thank you!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Anime Fans: A Community Working Towards Failure

Before I began to blog, I didn't really participate much in the anime community. I was a newbie at the whole "being an otaku thing," and didn't really know much. Eventually I started to wiggle my way into the different groups present on the internet and in real life. I attended conventions and had the time of my life, but I began to pick up certain things that weren't right.

At the conventions I felt and saw discrimination based on people's likes and dislikes. One even resulted into an argument. In communities, at times it feels like you're being placed on constant watch of a judicial system. Say the wrong thing, or like the wrong thing, and you're guilty.

I find this constantly on the internet as negativity and heavy criticism spread. It's gotten to the point where you can't view comments without feeling bad afterwards. The comments may not be directed at you or something you love, but negativity spreads easily. Once viewing something negative I can feel the effects instantly.

While this is present in real life, I've experienced more online. I believe due to the anonymous nature of the web, we can shed our masks and say whatever we think and feel. This however doesn't excuse nastiness and critical words tossed at others and their works. I don't know if it's always been like this, because I haven't lived for very long, but I feel that it needs to change. I can't speak heavily on other communties, but in our anime community there's a lot of negativity flowing.

I don't have the ability to point out one group and label them as the problem, as that would be unfair. I think the problem lies within all of us; we're all playing a part in the downfall of our community. We state that anime is dying, certain things are ruining the community, that the newer series are lackluster compared to the ones before. Are we really sure that we're not becoming lackluster ourselves?

From my view, anime is in no means dying or getting worse. It's just changing, like the world. I believe that our cynical views and negativity is what's causing many fans to say things as "bad." Have you ever believed in something that others have not, or maybe liked something that is considered taboo? Isn't it hard to openly express this, compared to just following what the group demands and says.

We aren't necessarily following like sheep consciously, but unconsciously. I recently took a look at an anime that was considered "bad." While the consensus was pretty clear, there were a few who actually enjoyed it, looking past the bad. These people, while their views may be wrong or not, were soon shut down by the majority group. It was almost as if I could see the negativity spread within the simple comment box, despite being an exchange on the internet.

There's a few problems we anime fans have that I think we need to fix. We tend to label people who we do not like or wish to ignore. We have the group of moe lovers who don't know what good anime is all about. Over there are the gloomy ones who can't stand happy endings. In the corner are the Narutards and Dragon Ball Z fanboys who like "mainstream anime." I see this all the time and it's not okay; you should not negatively label and look down on someone because of what they like.

Which brings me to my next point, we need to understand that everyone has an opinion that may or may not be identical to ours. There's a sort of complex on the internet with the mentality that "my opinion is fact."

These are just a few problems of the community...but if we continue to not work as one and be united due to our similar interest ,which is anime, our community will eventually fail. What is anime without a support group anyways? As long as we continue to judge and label others, disrespect opinions, and spread negativity, things won't get better. If you really want anime and the community of fans to die, then continue to do so.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How Anime Blogging Changed My Social Media Outlook

Lack of viewers makes Konata sad!
Hello everyone! Hopefully you're having a good day so far, if not maybe this post will brighten you up. Since I'm thinking of expanding Shooting Star Dreamer's social variety, I'm going to talk a little on how aniblogging has given me a different perspective of certain internet activities, one being social media.

This would've been me if I never started blogging.
Basically before I had a blog of any kind, I used to completely ignore social media. In fact, you could say I even looked down on users of social media. I was a high schooler and the only thing I saw on it was drama, dumbness, and mass partying. Eventually I got curious enough so I made a Facebook account for a day or two to see what the big deal was all about. I got bored instantly and didn't really understand the point, despite making around a hundred friends in a day. From this observation, I quickly wrote off social media as all bad and decided to never touch it again.

Moving ahead a few years later, I eventually decided to take part in it again, through the form of blogging. (That is, if blogging is considered social media. If you haven't read my last post, you can check it out if you're curious about how I started Shooting Star Dreamer.) Through the actions of other bloggers I began to see that social media wasn't really those three negative things I assumed it was. For business owners, it was a way to promote themselves and their products. For social butterflies, it was a way to communicate with those near and far. For writers, it was a way to spread our voice across the world. 

If I were foolish enough to not adapt to the tide, I could have closed my blog at that moment. However, I decided that since the world is progressing, I have to progress with it to be successful. I then began to explore the many possibilities of social media slowly, such as Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook, and a lot more that will take too long to name. The process could be described as a small child tasting new food for the first time. Some I'll enjoy or love, others I'll completely dislike, but by being open to new things I open myself up to massive opportunities.

If I had never gone into the world of aniblogging, I would've remained closed and unaware of the great potential the internet contains. As of now, I'll continue to spread my voice far and wide, which is something everyone should do, because every voice matters.

Let's Share: Bleach Opening 13 ~ Ranbu no Melody by SID

Here's a new part of Let's Share, where your recommendations are displayed to the world! This time around I'm focusing on music recommended by Pei Sin Soo. While I've put a halt to the series of Japanese Music Spotlights, its somewhat merged into my new Let's Share series. So if there's a song you want to share with your fellow otakus, please leave a message!

Bleach Opening 13 ~ Ranbu no Melody by SID




shizuka ni shizuka ni maku wa kiri otoshi
kakusei no yoake ni aoi honoo

Quietly, quietly, night's curtain is being scythed,
as a sapphire flare appears in the dawn sky of awakening.

miwatasu kagiri no yami to kattou tesaguri no hibi
bokura wa make wo shiranai yowasa wo dakishime aruita

Through these days with nothing but darkness and conflict in view,
we walked, holding tightly onto our weakness that refused to give in.

atarashii kiba de jidai wo kizame

With those brand-new fangs, leave your marks on this era!

shizuka ni shizuka ni maku wa kiri otoshi
kakusei no yoake ni aoi honoo
"Mamoritai anata" ni deaeru sono hi made wa
yuushuu no bi yori me no mae no teki wo

Quietly, quietly, night's curtain is being scythed,
as a sapphire flare appears in the dawn sky of awakening.
Until the day when I finally meet you, whom I wish to protect,
rather than wait for that wonderful finale, I'll have to crush my current enemy.

kokoro nai kotoba hokosaki subete wo nomikomi aruita

Swallowing down all the sharp thoughtless words, I kept walking,

tsukareta fushin wa jishin ni neji mage

bending forcefully my effete mistrust into self-confidence.

kurushikute nigetakute ma ga sashita mirai wa
yume egaita bokura to tooi tokoro de
jikan nante yoso nante kechirashite hohoenda
ano koro nani mo kowaku nakattaro?

The runaway future, having succumbed to the pains,
is now at a place faraway from us, who are still sketching our dreams.
We used to not care about time or place, and laugh wholeheartedly;
back then, there was nothing for us to fear, right?

shizuka ni shizuka ni maku wa kiri otoshi
kakusei no yoake ni aoi honoo
"Mamoritai anata" ni deaeru sono hi made wa
yuushuu no bi yori me no mae no teki wo

Quietly, quietly, night's curtain is being scythed,
as a sapphire flare appears in the dawn sky of awakening.
Until the day when I finally meet you, whom I wish to protect,
rather than wait for that wonderful finale, I'll have to crush my current enemy.

itoshikute itoshikute hoka ni wa nani mo nakute
koko kara miwatashita keshiki zenbu
matomete tsureteitte ageru sa hanasanai de
zutto nari yamanu ranbu no merodi

I love you, I love you, and that's all there is.
I will collect and pack together everything I see here,
and bring it all to you, so please do not leave me.
The melody of the wild dance resounds endlessly.

See you all soon~