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Japanese Music Spotlight #10 Special Edition~

Hello everyone! We've finally reached number #10 in spotlights, so for this post I want to do a collaboration of ten awesome Japanese songs! Enjoy!

What Makes an Anime Good?

What makes an anime good? Why do numerous anime receive high ratings, while others do not? Do ratings actually matter? Well, let me give you my opinion. Anime being good is relative to the viewer themselves. Yes, there may be certain codes or rules that people may follow when it comes anime. (We even have our friend My Anime List, when it comes to those types of things.) However, I feel anime is good if you enjoy it. People also seem to forget that no matter how much you dislike something, there's someone out there who feels the exact opposite. You shouldn't force someone to like an anime, or ridicule them for finding something enjoyable. How would you feel if the same happened to you? Aside from this, the problem continues on the other side of the coin. With popular anime generating hate from a large number of people. Whether it be the fans, the quality of the anime, or the fact that it's "popular" it will definitely get hate. Just because an anime is v

Before Halloweens Ends...My Computer Layout!

Before we're completely done with Halloween, I'd like to display a bit of my computer. I took the time customizing almost everything about my computer for the holiday, with Miku as the focus. Enjoy! Desktop Folder Decoration Menu  Chrome Theme Resources Windows 7 Theme  My Chrome Theme App Chrome Picture Desktop Wallpaper