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Denpa Kyoushi: Teaching is More Than a Job

The spring season of anime is coming to close with summer just around the corner. Every season, there are a couple of anime that are a bit hit with the crowd. They grow immensely popular, and everyone loves them and knows them. However, sometimes a few anime go underneath the public radar, lasting only as hidden gems for the "treasure hunters" to find. Denpa Kyoushi is one of those gems. So what is Denpa Kyoushi ? Dubbed as "Ultimate Otaku Teacher," this anime follows the life of a highly intelligent but non successful otaku by the name of Kagami Junichirou. Due to his lack of success, most of his time is spent on his anime blog and his other anime related hobbies. That is, until his sister scores him a job as a teacher. Thus, the anime follows his interactions with his students and focuses on Kagami's life as a teacher. This post may contain minor spoilers, but nothing too major! The Protagonist and The Anime At first glance, t

Happy Birthday Sonic the Hedgehog!

Today is June 23rd, which marks the birthday of our favorite blue blur, Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic the Hedgehog is known for his huge collection of fast-paced, platforming games, and more-so for being the mascot of Sega. Although Sonic has had his ups and downs, he still holds a special place in the heart of his long-time fans. There are a few interesting traits about Sonic that make him pretty unique. For one, his ability to run and crazy speeds is his trademark. He's gone faster than the speed of sound at certain points. He also has a fair personality, which leads to him always taking the side of the weaker ones, protecting them and keeping evil at bay. Upon his older incarnations, he is mostly shown with his love of freedom and adventure. With his birthday being on June 23rd, his astrological sign is Gemini. An air element of the zodiac. This goes hand in hand with his love of freedom and the constant theme of his personality being somewhat like the wind. With being s

Splatoon: What Gaming Needs

Artist Credit Splatoon has been the latest craze when it comes to Nintendo games and perhaps gaming in general. Some people thinks it's a little silly and others are in love with it, but what does Splatoon really mean for the gaming industry? This simple series that might be blown off as a children's game has captured the hearts of many, seemingly infiltrating the "hardcore" genre of shooting games. Before reading more into this post, if you're unfamiliar with Splatoon you should try checking out a few of the following links below. If you understand what Splatoon is and the gameplay, feel free to skip over this section and get straight to the rest of this article! Splatoon Website Splatoon Reddit Splatoon Tumblr Splatoon on Amazon Differences and Similarities Between Other Shooters Although Splatoon is not a legitimate first person shooter, it shares many of it's elements. For one the "guns" are modeled after realistic models

Happy Birthday Nozomi Toujou!

Hey again guys! Today is officially Nozomi's birthday! This post goes out to her! For those who don't know, Nozomi is a member of the Love Live  idol group μ's, (pronounced muse) and one of the driving forces to the group's formation and success. She was originally the vice president of the student council in the series, and is often looked upon for her advice and "spiritual power." Her name in Japanese can mean hope or beauty depending on the kanji. However, her name uses the kanji that means wish, written as 希. A train in Japan known as the shinkansen also shares the name of Nozomi .  Being born on June 9th makes her a Gemini, an air sign of the zodiac. For me, Nozomi wasn't originally an idol I liked. She isn't part of my favorite group, Printemps , but I liked how she was always ready to help and that her appearance seemed to differ a bit from the other girls. She always seemed like a mature-type in comparison which was an interesting additi

Shooting Star Dreamer Blog Update June 2015

Hello everyone, and long time no see! Yes, it's been a while since I've posted, I'm aware. (Technically almost a month.) I can say that I really hope I can start posting again soon, as things are finally settling down a little. So, you might be wondering where I've been and why content has trickled down over the past few months. I'll be talking about that a bit today, but I also want to post a few plans for the future of Shooting Star Dreamer for you guys. This post shouldn't be too long, so bear with me! First things first, I have been very busy over the course of this school semester. Yes, school ended for me around the beginning of May, however I am now in my Summer semester which means more classes and less time for blogging. My schedule has been changing around quite a bit so it is taking a good amount of time for me to adapt to it. Along with that all the work has been seriously a killer for blog ideas and writing. Mental fatigue is pretty hard. H