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Black History Month with Anime 2.0

Artist Credit! Hello everyone! Hopefully you're enjoying February, the month of love and history! Specifically speaking,  February is Black (African-American) History Month. In many cases, Black History Month gets pushed to the side which is an unfortunate incident. However, I believe that it deserves a spotlight, even in mediums not directly related to such culture, like anime. First and foremost, I'd like for you guys to check out my previous Black History Month Anime post, from last year. It was my first time writing on such a topic and I believe you'll find some interesting things there, as well as diverse characters. If you have the time please give it a read. With that out of the way, I'd like to welcome you to my second post on this holiday; version 2.0. Last time I focused mostly on the presence of dark-skinned character, black or not, in anime. Surprisingly, a lot of characters fit into this list. The moral to take from that previous post is simple;

Anime versus Manga: A Quick Comparison

When picking up a series, most fans usually have a decision to make;watch the anime, read the manga, or perhaps both. In some cases, the two are exactly alike. They feature the same plot, same characters, and the same story elements, with the difference being the medium. For more unique situations, the anime and manga can be completely different and offer a new perspective to the general story line. With this in mind, we might then ask, what makes a manga worth reading and what makes an anime worth watching? What makes one more preferable over the other? Could we go as far to say that one medium is better than the other? Today, we'll take a look at both, and decide whether this is true or not. So the very first thing to do is to see what they have to offer. While there are many similarities (such as telling a story, introducing decent art, and more) there are also numerous differences. Comparison Between the Two One of the biggest reasons why I love reading manga