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The Value of Confidence in Anime

Anime may not always be a clear-cut representation of life, but there are many things we can learn from it. In certain genres, specifically shonens, we see the protagonist faced with a seemingly impossible obstacle to overcome. Somehow the protagonist blasts through the trials thrown at them. Some may call it luck and others may just call it skill, but their success is usually due to a personality trait that's a staple in many successful characters, confidence. Although confidence can be viewed in many different ways, ultimately it can make or break a person. For one, over-confidence can lead to underestimating others and viewing oneself as all powerful and perfect, and is therefore blinding. On the flip-side, a lack of confidence is even worse than a lack of skills. If you do not believe in yourself or ignore the fact that you can improve, it doesn't matter how skilled you are, you may hold yourself back. When it comes to anime, we see characters that embody both the

Thoughts on Evolution 2015 Championship Series

Social media was booming last weekend due to an event known as Evo 2015. What is Evo you may ask? Evo, or  Evolution Championship Series , is one of the biggest fighting game tournaments in the world. Every year certain games are selected to represent the main tournaments. They feature hundreds of entries, and each part of the lower and higher level play is streamed for viewers at home. It is such a big event, that people do whatever they can to see it, such as taking days off from work and other efforts. Before we begin, I'd like to clear a few things up.  No, I'm not going to be going over the numerous matches that took place and giving my commentary over them. Instead, I'm going to take a focus on the big picture, because that's how posts work on Shooting Star Dreamer. If that kind of post is not for you then, please accept my apologies. My Experience with Fighting Games First and foremost, before I start talking about the fighting game community and a

Things We Can Learn From Nintendo

With the shocking news concerning the death of Satoru Iwata , many fans of Nintendo and gamers have been expressing their love for the man and the company. There are numerous videos, blog posts, and other media resources that talk about the CEO. All in all, the whole situation is very saddening, but a comment I stumbled upon gave me another outlook on the situation. Although I do not have the exact comments, I can provide a brief description of them. One comment stated that "Iwata would rather have us celebrating and having a happy time, instead of crying over his loss." Another comment reminded us of the fact that "Iwata left Super Mario Maker for us to make our own games, in his absence." Although its easy to feel sad, things like this we tend to overlook. So using that as my inspiration, I decided to write a post about the positive things we can learn for Nintendo, in honor of Iwata's passing. For one, Nintendo has a very important place in my hear

Anime Blogging: When is the Right Time to Post?

When it comes to anime blogging, it's almost a necessity to ask many questions. When I first started blogging, I used to be quick to send posts through, without a second thought. I later found out that doing so wasn't always the best approach, because it led to posts that were riddled with errors. With that being said, I think one of the most important questions for an anime blogger to ask is "Should I publish this post now? Is this really the right time?" From my perspective I struggle greatly when finding the right time to post. Due to differences in scheduling, I have time to blog only at certain odd moments such as 3:00 A.M. in the morning and other crazy times. Despite this, I never wanted to post at such moments or I never wanted to save a post for later and automatically set it to post at a different time. I've had a deep need to post my thoughts when they're fresh, which is somewhat detrimental. Obviously though, this can lead to a good amount o