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Thoughts on Naruto Shippuden Chapter 631

*SPOILER WARNING*  This post contains new footage from the Naruto Shippuden Manga. If you do not wish to be spoiled, stop reading. That is all. *END SPOILER WARNING*    As much as I like Naruto, doing anime reviews just isn't my thing, but the most recent chapter was a bit too interesting to pass up. With a bunch of unexpected events occurring in the manga the last chapter was just as shocking.     We're still in the middle of war. Tobi's true identity has been revealed, and the Kages have been defeated. Tsunade is in two, and things are looking grim. While both sides are losing forces, the ninjas are actually losing living humans, contrary to Tobi and friends who are barely falling short or Zetsu clones.    Sasuke's new resolve has proven to be useful. I'm somewhat thrilled about his change of heart, as he rises up from the depths of darkness. Yet, everything things to be happening so fast, one day he's evil, next he's

What Do We Learn from Anime?

   While anime is all fun and games, we're also learning without realizing it. I've been an avid watcher since childhood, and I picked up a few things. Do you ever question yourself and wonder why you act the way you do? Why is it that when I run into another otaku, I'm always greeted in such a friendly fashion? Is friendliness a running trait between an otaku? Is anime actually teaching us? Let's find out!     The Language     Majority of anime is in the Japanese. By watching series to series, one starts to pick up words that are commonly used in anime. For me, anime was the reason I became interested in the Japanese. I started researching words, learning different phrases and sentences. I listened to conversations in Japanese, and even started to speak it around the house. Of course my family had no clue what I was saying, but I didn't care. It was great practice.    There are times when knowing a bit of Japanese has come in handy. Fir

Why I Love Fillers

  Also known as the bane of anime, fillers are episodes hated by viewers. They are considered to be a complete waste of time and distraction from the original plot. Sure, that's what the majority has to say, but I actually like fillers. Before you write me off as crazy, hear me out.     They actually add more to the story .   Sure, they may not be considered "canon,"(a term that means part of the real plot.) but a few are pretty interesting. Have you ever picked up a really good anime or manga? Did you immerse yourself in the story until you reached the end? You're sometimes left with that empty feeling, a want for more.     The fillers provide me with a way to fill that emptiness. They draw out the story and show us parts of the character's everyday life that we wouldn't usually get to see. Maybe the things that go on aren't to your liking, or you might not  care. Still you shouldn't rid yourself of them, you might actually enjo

Japanese Music Spotlight # 2

Even if you haven't seen Bleach, you need to hear this. Title ~ Hitohira No Hanabira By ~ Stereopony Lyrics ~ Japanese/English About Stereopony Stereopony was a  pop rock  band that formed in  Okinawa ,  Japan  in 2007 and disbanded in 2012. The three-girl band consisted of Aimi Haraguni ( lead vocals  and  guitar ), Nohana Kitajima ( bass guitar ), and Shiho Yamanoha ( drums ). They were signed to the  Sony Records  music label.  The band released 11 singles and three studio albums. Stereopony? Too bad they're no more...

Check Out My Cool Threads!

Here's some of the cool stuff I picked up at KhaoticKon! Wall Scrolls Was searching for a Sage Mode Naruto scroll, but unfortunately I was unable to locate one.  DVDs B Gata H Kei is a slice of life anime. Instead of focusing on a male protagonist, the story revolves around a girl known as Yamada. She is a fifteen year old high school student. The story turns into a romantic comedy, and is quite funny. Quite a change from the usual high school plot. Case Closed is a detective anime. The main character is a hotshot seventeen year old detective who is transformed into a young boy. He searches to find the criminals behind his transformation while solving cases despite his small posterior.  Figures Nendoroid Miku and Kaito. My brother absolutely loves Kaito. The parts swap out and you can change the faces and even body parts of the figures. It's quite interesting seeing Kaito's head on Miku's body. Miscellaneou

Is Trolling Now the Norm?

/> No seriously, stop it. Last time I promised to show a bit of my convention merchandise, but I would like to do a more serious post for the time being. Pretty much everyone online knows about trolling. If you've never heard of it, trolling is basically the art of making fun or tormenting others for ones own enjoyment. No, it has nothing to do with trolls you see in storybooks and fairy tales. It's something that's become the norm in the online world. Hold on a moment and replay the previous statement. Trolling is a norm in the online world. So it's pretty much normal to treat others badly? I don't know about anyone else, but to me that's not a good sign. We shouldn't belittle others for our own satisfaction. What does that say to us as a whole? Then again, trolling is supposed to be for fun and enjoyment. It's not supposed to be serious. There's been an increase of these antics especially in online gaming. The video below show

The Difference Between Fandoms

   At a glance the otaku community seems completely united. Everyone comments on how "it's all the same." Apparently there are no differences between the fandoms. Sorry, but that statement is completely wrong. While it's hard to tell via the internet, I was able to compare and contrast each fandom in person. I began to notice minor differences between the actions and mannerisms of the members. One of the best conventions I've attended.    Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend Khaotic Kon . I had a fantastic time, meeting tons of new people. Of course I attended panels, enough to get a glimpse of the different fans that were present. One thing that I  noticed, aside from the lack of certain groups of people, there was little intermingling between the sections. (Again, this is just from my point of view, I'm no convention expert.) I was one of the few people to travel between different genres of panels, going from gaming to anime trivia to Pok

Japanese Music Spotlight #1

Not really a big fan of Touhou Vocals, but this one really called to me. ☯ Title: 歴史書の笹舟 星と時を越えて [The history book of a bamboo-leaf boat transcending stars and time] ☯ Original:   ジャパニーズサーガ [Japanese Saga] 阿礼の子供 [Child of Are]   Perfect Memento in Strict Sense ☯ Arrangement: yohine ☯ Lyrics: kiku ☯ Vocals: あさな [Asana] ☯ Doujin Circle: IOSYS ☯ Album: 東方年柄年中 / (IO-0157) ☯ Released: 2009/08/15 (Comiket 76) ☯ HP:

Fictional Characters, How About That?

Naruto Uzumaki    People always say video games and television will rot our brains. I've never believed them, at least not about video games. Depending on what you read and experience, your own personality will change. Yeah, it shocked me at first to, but apparently it's true.    So take a look at yourself right now. Think about the character who you relate to, or maybe a character you look up to. Do you have that picture in your head? Now think about how they act, and then compare that to the way you act. There's surprising similarities right?   This happens when you lose yourself in a fictional element or character. You start to take on traits of the person. There's an actual name for this, it's called experience-taking 2D versus 3D anyone?    According to the research from this  article , it can cause temporary changes, and even permanent changes in the viewer's personality. I think that's great for some of us who watch anime an