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Introduction to Weiss Schwarz

Being an anime fan, it's usually natural to have a couple of series you love more than the others. You can buy merchandise, clothing, and use the characters as your avatar, but what if you want to do something more hands-on than that? Well, that's where Weiss Schwarz comes into play. Not only are trading cards great as a collectible for the avid collector, this Bushiroad sponsored card game allows fans to do battle and clash with their favorite anime. If you love card games and anime, then I recommend reading a bit more into this! Bushiroad is a company that is known for many things. Recently, Cardfight!! Vanguard has started soaring to new heights, becoming more well-known in areas outside of Japan. Love Live School Idol Project is another successful venture from the company, progressing from a popular anime into a phone-based rhythm game that has over ten million players. The next project to bloom is Weiss Schwarz, an anime based card game. Weiss Schwarz, which means

The Right Time Is Now

If there is something you want to do, then do it. If its a hobby, passion, or anything else that is important to you, don't wait. The right time is not later; the right time is now. Even if you don't have a set plan, you can make something work. If your goal isn't completely clear, start working on the parts that you are. Above all else...always remember that anything you believe or dream, is possible. These are literally a few lessons I have learned over the course of my blogging days. A few come from anime, manga, and video games, and others come from life experiences. Although being so involved in such things is a great benefit, we must not forget that everything isn't always laid out for us. It's easy to start thinking that we have to accomplish things at a certain time period. Many works of fiction lay out predetermined events, actions, and relationships for the characters to pursue. However, things don't always work that way for us. We might even be

Happy Easter With Anime: Usagi Galore

Happy Easter anime fans and otaku! Although Easter means different things depending on where you come from or what you believe, let's focus on the usagi (bunny or rabbit) part of the holiday at this time.  Who knows, maybe you can learn a little bit of Japanese along the way? As you know in anime, the presence of animals in the form of cute anime girls or boys is very common. We have cats and dogs that appear in anime like Dog Days, donning nekomimi and inumimi. (Which is translated to cat ears and dog ears. Inu and neko are dog and cat respectively, and mimi is the Japanese word for ears.) Going even further would be someone who is the actual animal, which is then labeled as neko musume. This translates to cat girl or cat daughter, and characters usually possess many animal-like traits. Examples of such would be Felicia from DarkStalkers, or Shizuka Nekonome from Rosario + Vampire. However, the common cats and dogs are not the main topic. Today we are focusing mostly on b