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Always Remember How to Dream!

Gemini remembers how to dream, you should too! Hello again! I feel like this post is something I should have addressed a long time ago, especially with regards to the name of this blog. I would just like to tell anyone who is reading this, that they have the power to accomplish their dreams, but what good is this advice when you're already given up on believing? If you've given up on your dreams due to some silly notion that you'll never be able to achieve them, please keep reading. Before I created this blog I already had a few big dreams. Wanting to go to Japan is a huge one, as many people are just hoping to find a job in the future that provides them with decent pay. Yet for me, living the simple life wasn't enough. I wanted more from life than money and a basic job, I wanted to go to the place that had everything I loved.  So what did I do? I began researching and desperately trying to learn Japanese, but I never got really far. It was hard for me to lea

Why I Don't Follow Anime Archetypes

Hello everyone! As a follow up to the last post on the many different types of deres, I'd like to express why I have somewhat of a dislike for labeling characters based on their archetypes. I'd like to agree that some categorization may sometimes be a necessity, because it might be hard to explain the numerous traits of characters in such fine detail, when slapping a label on one is a quick and easy process that is understandable, especially for readers. However, similar to my belief that anime is more than a rating, characters are more than label. Perhaps I should go into more detail why I  don't believe in this. When a creator writes an anime/manga/gaming character, it's easy to see why we have many typical tsunderes, yanderes, and such floating around. The archetype can be a building block for the characters, a simple way to start if you have no clue what you want to create. With this, a writer can easily take one of those archetypes and change it just a little

The Wide World of Deres

Since I recently did a post on the common tsundere, I wanted to take the time to make a post to inform people that there's quite a few other categories. I understand this type of post has been done multiple times, but I'll be going further than the well-known four categories. As the amount of anime increases, the amount of classifications for characters also tends to grow. On to the list! The Big Four Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion) Tsundere: First up is the ever so popular tsundere. Basically when the girl (or guy) hides their feelings for their love with very contrasting attitudes. They're prone to switching between affection and later anger. They often stutter and become embarrassed which is accompanied with a bright red blushing face. ( Extra) Tsunshun: Similar to tsundere, but reasons are not typically romantic. They're very violent and angry, but this is not because of love; it's usually due to underlying emotional reasons such as d

Tsundere Examination: Eclair from Dog Days

Once again I'm going to try something new and delve into a character analysis. I'm not going to go really deep, but after watching both seasons of Dog Days, a certain tsundere stood out to me because she developed a bit differently than the rest. This post may contain a few spoilers , but I'll try to keep them to a minimum. "For those who aren't aware, a tsundere (ツンデレ?) (pronounced /(t)sɯ is a Japanese concept of a character archetype which describes a person with a conceited, irritable, and/or violent personality that suddenly becomes modest and loving when triggered by some sort of cause (such as being alone with someone). It can also describe a contradictory personality which is good-willed on the inside, but with a harsh attitude on the outside." For a summary of Dog Days you can check out this link .  From what I've observed tsunderes are really popular in media. A few common examples include, Kōsaka Kirino, Makise Kuri

Depressing Anime: A Battle Between Light and Dark

 Spring back has ended, college has started, and I'm back from my short hiatus. Over the break I got to spend a good amount of time observing others, and looking at the anime community as a whole. Something I've noticed is that a lot of the things that fans seem to idolize and make well known is the depressing side of anime. Even when scanning the top anime I see a lot with more serious and solemn plots. Why is this the case? Since I have no clue of answer to this myself, I decided to speak with a few friends about this topic. The responses I got were mixed, but the ones who enjoyed such things said that "Anime that were cheerful or lighthearted were boring, due to their lack of anything really bad or serious going on." So the only way to make something enjoyable is to have something serious and perhaps deadly happen to the characters? This answer didn't really satisfy me, so I took a look back into my history of anime. I never watched anything too bad,

Anime Challenge: AniMarch

Hello everyone! I'm currently fighting exams and trying to balance school and writing. Despite this, I'm  participating in something known as a 30 Day Anime Challenge. (Or 31 days in this case.)  If you haven't been with me since the beginning, you may not know exactly what this is so here's a brief explanation. Basically every day you're prompted with a question. It has something to do with anime, and is usually one that makes you think about anime in ways you haven't before. It's very interesting, because not only do you get to have fun and talk about yourself, you get to meet other people who have similar likes and dislikes. The one I'm taking part of is AniMarch. For more info about it, please check this link . I encourage people to participate, even if you don't have a blog of your own. Share with your friends and have fun! If you're curious please check out the Tumblr version of this blog using the link above! Thanks!