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Splatoon 1st Anniversary and Thoughts!

Support the Artist One year ago, a great game known as Splatoon released. Splatoon was an interesting game; it was quite different and filled with a childlike charm. It stood out in the genre of shooting games, with it's vibrant visuals and not-so violent gameplay. At first glance, people had written off Splatoon as a simple children's game, but it proved to be so much more. Splatoon became a new Nintendo exclusive and gained immense popularity. No one saw it coming, but Splatoon had taken the hearts of many and still holds it's popularity to this day. When I first saw Splatoon, it felt like a game from a different time period. Outside of references, graphics, and all of the technical things, a game's design can bring out different emotions in players. Splatoon, was a game aimed towards those of the past, as well as those in the present as well. Featuring wacky colors and graphics, an underwater theme, combined with a new sense of coolness, Splatoon feels

Happy (Late) Birthday Yamada!

Good evening! Yesterday, May 21st, marked the birthday of my favorite female anime character, Yamada from B Gata H Kei. Unfortunately, I was too busy to make a post on the previous day regarding Yamada, so here's one now! Yamada is an interesting character. The first distinct thing about her is that her first name is never mentioned throughout her series and still remains a mystery to this day. Although her actual background is somewhat mysterious, it doesn't keep her from being an enthusiastic and open person. Although she's not too popular of a character, (she has little merchandise, fan art, and other typical anime goods) her anime usually stands out in the minds of those who have seen it for being unique in more ways than one. This is exactly what attracted me to Yamada; she's unique and doesn't really fit into the generic anime norms. With that being said, being born on May 21st makes Yamada a Gemini, just barely. She falls on the cusp of the dates, s