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Beyond the Surface of Anime

Artist Credit Sometimes we tend to take things at face value without questioning what's going on behind the scenes. We may look at anime in the same light, as series are judged by their opening episodes, genre, and cast of characters. However, when examining anime that display questionable or controversial themes, we may find inspirational or positive messages hidden beneath their deceiving exterior. In order to further understand all the work that goes into creating an anime, a little bit of curiosity is necessary to unravel the mysteries within. Now when I speak of mysteries I do not necessarily mean that there are hidden secrets or messages that no one has ever seen before. The things hidden beneath are usually not extremely complex things in most cases, but simpler life lessons that we tend to forget from time to time. This alone is one of the reasons why I love anime, because of how much work goes into it, and how much it relates to our life. An Anime-Based Example

The Most Important Aspect of a JRPG

Artist Credit Japanese Role-Playing Games (JRPGs) are usually wonderful tales, filled with diverse characters and wide open worlds waiting to be explored. However, sometimes these games can be a hit or a miss for the general populace. Many companies highlight on different features that make each game unique to it's publisher, which attracts a certain community to each one. Still, a key feature that is usually best in any JRPG is often overlooked. This is simply the act of giving the game an immersive feel, one that is suitable for a JRPG. So you might ask what exactly do I mean when I say "immersive feel?" An immersive feel is one where the person takes over the persona of the character. They aren't simply an outsider viewing the world from the comfort of their home. Instead, they are a part of the story, they are friends with the cast, and they feel the need to progress further in the game. This seems like a common trait that would go into designing a game, but

Anime Android Phone Layout May 2015

Hello and long time no see everyone! I'm back today with a different post than the usual. This time we'll be focusing on my current phone layout. I do a lot in terms of Graphic Design and Layout Design when it comes to the computer, that I've decided to pursue such hobbies on mobile devices as well. Without further adieu, please take a look at the layout! This layout features one of my absolute favorite characters when it comes to anime; Gemini Sunrise. She's an optimistic cowgirl from Texas who originates from the game known as Sakura Taisen, or Sakura Wars in the United States. Strangely, I didn't meet her through her normal game, but from another called Project X Zone. Upon playing as her I liked her more than any other character in the series! I've always liked using an android device, but sometimes the way apps are positioned is somewhat troublesome. So an idea came to my mind. "What if I make shortcuts that redirect me to the place I need