Greeting and welcome to Shooting Star Dreamer! When entering a new website, it can be a little difficult to find your way or get the gist of what's going on. So here's a nice FAQ page for anyone with questions or concerns about my blog. For bloggers with inquiries about blogrolls or guest posting, please take a look at this post. I will surely mention my methods and policies on the former here.

If you're not sure where you are or what this blog is about, I recommend taking a look at the page titled "What Is This Blog?" It gives you a brief overview of me as a writer, my goals, and the blog itself. If you're someone who likes more-detailed info, this is the place for you!

First of all...

Meet Yamada!

Yes, if you didn't notice the girl in the banner above, that's Yamada. She's a favorite character of mine, if not, my top favorite. She originates from an anime known as B Gata H Kei. I recommend the anime to everyone as it's a great work of art. It's pretty comical and laid-back, but I feel underneath lies values and lessons we can take with us and use to better ourselves. 

When it comes to Shooting Star Dreamer, she can somewhat be seen throughout many of my posts and usually helps me formulate my writing. She's a very emotional and expressive character so it's easy to work her into many posts.

Moving on to the blog itself...

What Do You Cover?

Well, in one word, anime. Anime, anime, and more anime. It's definitely my passion! I love the variety, as well as the colorful plots and characters that are present in each series. Out of all types of anime, I usually focus on inspirational ones, relaxing and laid back shows, and sometimes a few action packed anime. No matter what genre, I try to look for life lessons and knowledge we can take from the series and use in the real world.  So as you can guess, my blog is mostly editorial based. I don't really do reviews, mostly because I don't agree with them, but there's a few mixed in here and there.

Aside from anime, I usually cover video games, manga, music, and Japan. I'm studying Japanese as well, so I like to pass on the knowledge I obtain to my readers. Besides, why waste all the knowledge on myself if I can help others learn?

I Want to See (Blank) Posted Here!

I understand that sometimes people have things that they want to share with a greater audience, but maybe they lack a website of their own. Maybe they aren't the best writer, or they just simply want to share something with others. I know how that feels, so I usually accept any requests anyone has.

Speaking of such, I love to do spotlights on members of the anime fandom! If you're talented or skilled at something related to anime, please let me know and I will definitely do a post on you. I think sometimes we focus too much on the greats and big-names, that we forget about the little people. I'd like to start with little people and work upwards, so I think such posts are a great way to get those members of the community into the spotlight. Please contact me if you're interested! Speaking of such.

How Do I Contact You?/Guest Posting/Blogroll

That's easy! You can easily just leave me a comment on any one of my posts or here, and I'll respond to you as soon as possible. I always try to read comments and respond to them if I can. Sometimes I may not be able to respond, but don't worry, your voice was still heard. 

If you want a more personal and fast way to contact me, email is always your best bet. Please take a look at my profile if you wish to email me.

Right now my Blogroll has a lot of space for new entries, so if you wish to exchange links, please contact me using one of the methods above. The only requirements is for your blog to about anime, or a similar niche, and to add my blog to your blogroll as well. Other than that, it's pretty simple! The same goes for guest posting!

You're Using My Images Without Permission!

First of all, if I'm using anyone's artwork or such without permission, please let me know as soon as possible and I will remove it. I will not claim that I own any pictures that are not mine. If a picture is of my own I will usually state so in the post or caption. I also try to to provide credit when necessary. So again, I am not using any artwork or images that are owned or created by others for any sort of monetary gain, just entertainment purposes.

When it comes to anime, I usually try to take my own screen caps, however from time to time I use ones found via the internet. Again, if you are the one who took such screenshots and you don't feel comfortable with them being on this site, let me know.

Thank You For Reading!