What Is This Blog?

Yamada will be helping me out!
   Welcome to my blog. When I was young I was a big fan of video games and Pokémon, but later my obsession to Anime/Manga and the Japanese Culture. I found everything about Japan so interesting, and dreamed of living there someday. 

   When I became involved on the internet, I found out thousands of others like me have the same dream. I see a lot of bloggers posting anime reviews, manga updates, game reviews, and a bunch of other otaku related things. I had no clue that someone like me, a fan of writing, could do such things with the content I loved. 
    Therefore, I decided to start this blog, like every other anime writer out there. Aside from reviews and game footage, I’d like to get into the emotional side of the culture. Does anime affect us? How does it change our personalities, how does it shape us? I will be examining interesting questions such as “What does it mean to be an Otaku?” 

    I have much to learn still, as I am young and there are other experienced journalists, but everyone has to start somewhere. My dream is eventually publish my current novels, and become a well-known freelance writer. I'm not expecting these things to happen overnight, but eventually I wish to achieve them. 

    If you're an otaku, an artist, a vocaloid producer, even an avid gamer this is the blog for you. Thank you for taking the time to visit!



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