Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy Birthday Honoka Kousaka!

Honoka Kousaka Love Live
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Happy Birthday to one of the most outgoing and inspirational characters I know, Honoka Kousaka! As usual for those who don't know, Honoka is a character from the popular idol anime, Love Live. If you wish to know more about the anime, don't hesitate to check out that link. I also featured Honoka in another post of mine, Three Inspirational Anime Females, if you have the time, please take a look!

Honoka is the main driving force behind the school idol group, μ's, (pronounced muse) and is responsible for it's overall creation and success. Due to her positive outlook, enthusiasm, and passion, Honoka worked to bring all the characters together to form the wonderful group that exists today. Due to this, she is usually seen as the leader of the group and is often the center.

Honoka Kousaka is born on August 3rd, making her a Leo, which is a fire sign of the zodiac. This can relate to her leadership role and her high-energy lifestyle. Her signature color is orange although she sometimes uses pink.  Honoka's kanji for her name is somewhat unique, so unlike Nozomi, I am not sure of it's actual meaning. For any native Japanese speakers or pros, if you can explain the meaning of her name using her kanji in the comments, it would be greatly appreciated.

For me Honoka is extremely inspirational and just thinking about her drives me to succeed. She maintains such a positive attitude at all times, which is something that can be a little difficult to do at times. She is also the center of the group Printemps, which is my favorite trio of the bunch. If it weren't for Honoka, I wouldn't have gotten into Love Live at all, so I definitely thank her for that.

So with that being, Happy Birthday to you Honoka! May you continue to be the bright ray of sunshine that inspires so many around you!

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