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Life Lessons from Super Mario

Super Mario Life Lessons

Gaming comes across to some as mindless button mashing, but there's a deeper meaning to it all. Whether it's building values, connecting with characters, or learning real life concepts, there's much more going on under the surface when it comes to video games.

The Super Mario Bros. Series (or any Mario game) is a game that this applies to. It's outreach spreads so far that most people who have picked up a controller have given it a try. The game outright is a pretty simple platformer, with various elements to make things more interesting. To the average gamer, collecting coins and stomping enemies is what Mario is about, but perhaps we're learning life lessons subconsciously as well.

Below I'm going to list a few lessons from Mario that I picked up. Let me know in the comments if you've recognized any others or have a different take on things!

Money is beneficial, but it will only get you so far!

Mario Gif

Coin collection is huge in Mario games. With coins being scattered throughout the levels most players collect as many as possible. However, coins aren't always worth going out of your way for. Although they're great for your score and can net you a few extra lives, they won't win you the game. They make things easier for sure, but your own skills have to get you through the levels if you wish to complete the game.

This teaches us that money helps contribute to our lives and makes things easier, but we still have to put effort forth to succeed!

Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith!

Mario Gif

In Mario, our path can sometimes be unclear. In other areas, there are large gaps that need to be crossed and goals that can only be reached by doing something out of the ordinary. Thus sometimes we need to take a chance and make that jump, use that new skill, or explore a new area to live and thrive. This is almost the case in every Mario game.

By putting forth effort into something new or taking the chance to start again we may find the strength to reach to new heights that previously appeared impossible.

Life gives you multiple chances, so don't give up!

Mario Gif 1 UP

In the Mario world, the quote, "You only live once," isn't necessarily true. Players start the game with multiple lives and even a few continues if those run out. Even if you mess up, struggle and fail, your life or time playing the game isn't completely over. 

As long as you keep moving forward, progress can be made. The game even rewards you with extra lives for trying, similar to the saying "One door closes, another door opens."

There's perks to being big or small, love yourself.

Mario Gif

In Super Mario Bros., you play as a petite version of Mario upon starting the game. Getting mushrooms nets Mario and power-up and a size upgrade. Although many don't want to play as small Mario in comparison to big, the game can be played with either. Each size has situations where being small or large may be beneficial and detrimental (such as being small to walk through small areas or being big to break certain blocks). 

Therefore, as in real life, it's best to recognize that tall or short, lacking or not, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

A little extra help doesn't hurt!

Mario Switch GIF Cappy

Lastly, having a little outside help doesn't hurt. Mario doesn't progress through his games alone. He has Yoshi and Luigi from time to time, and uses various power-ups along the way. Although you can go at the game alone, there are some stages that require assistance and the newest Mario game requires his partner Cappy throughout it all!

Thus, getting help from others isn't too bad, and can make progress easier.

As always, thank you for reading! Please check out my other posts or leave a comment if you have the chance!

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