Thursday, February 13, 2014

Anime Fans and Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. (and already here for some of you.) However, there's somewhat of a negative image that seems to revolve around the day, and I feel that's a bad thing. It could be due to media, experiences, or other reasons, but I feel like the holiday has lost it's true meaning.

I'd rather not go back into history and bore you with a long story. So let's just say that it seems like people tend to automatically feel sad around the holiday. People are depressed because they have to spend this lovey-dovey day without a partner. Others are mad with the fact that their current partner seems to not give a hoot about the holiday, or that they haven't given them the gift they wanted. A few have absolute hatred for the day and everything to do with it. What gives?

While this post is technically named "Anime Fans and Valentine's Day" I feel this is something that everyone needs to read. Why dislike a day because of what the world has created it to be? By holding those negative feelings in your heart, you're not only preventing yourself from finding a partner by shutting out love, you're weighing yourself down. If we've learned anything from anime it's that love is a powerful emotion. Yes, this may sound very cheesy and may be overused, but that doesn't mean it's not true. While hatred, darkness, and other negative things have the power to change people, love does as well. Usually for the better. 
"What good is love if you're single" you say? "No one loves me?" If you continue to think this way you'll continue to be stuck in this trap. Let's call this the negative thinking trap...which is something I learned from checking out this article

Somewhere along the time I entered high school, I was done with Valentine's Day. I didn't care for any of it, and highly disliked the commercialization behind it. I thought it was a big waste of money to give money and objects to people as an attempt to win affection. It angered me as I watched others receive gifts and saw more receive absolutely nothing. Carrying this hatred in my heart for a simple holiday only proved to be hurtful to me. However, later I discovered that much like Christmas, gift giving and one's current relationship status have nothing to do with this holiday. Somewhere along the line, the meaning of love has been warped. In my opinion, Valentine's Day is a day for spreading love, not a day to show your love.
At first this statement may seem pretty redundant, but just hear me out. The two differ slightly; one can show their love, but not spread it. However, if one decides to spread their love there will be no need to show it. 

In lame man's terms, this basically means that it's a day to share your love for everything. People, hobbies, and most importantly yourself. Who cares if you aren't in a relationship? Share love with your friends or random people even! Don't spend your time on others only. Take care, love, and accept yourself for who you are! Spend time doing things you love, whether it be anime, gaming, or manga. Get others interested in what you love! By keeping a positive attitude and spreading love, you'll attract even more of the same. Don't spend Valentine's Day being bitter or angry, be happy! Love the world, love yourself, love each other unconditionally.

Peace and love to all of my readers!


  1. Happy valentine day to all Anime lovers .... It . There are several love stories of manga and so much popular... They give us lot of option to enjoy reading about them.

    1. Yup! Even if you don't have a lot to do today, it doesn't mean you should spend your day feeling down.

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