Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Right Time Is Now

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If there is something you want to do, then do it. If its a hobby, passion, or anything else that is important to you, don't wait. The right time is not later; the right time is now. Even if you don't have a set plan, you can make something work. If your goal isn't completely clear, start working on the parts that you are. Above all else...always remember that anything you believe or dream, is possible.

These are literally a few lessons I have learned over the course of my blogging days. A few come from anime, manga, and video games, and others come from life experiences. Although being so involved in such things is a great benefit, we must not forget that everything isn't always laid out for us.

It's easy to start thinking that we have to accomplish things at a certain time period. Many works of fiction lay out predetermined events, actions, and relationships for the characters to pursue. However, things don't always work that way for us. We might even be able to say that there is necessarily no right time to do things, and instead, we should start doing things we love as soon as we can. Of course, as long as they are safe and not dangerous to our mind or body.

So does that mean everything should be dropped and your focus should shift to a central value? No, I don't think that would be wise. However, I believe its a good idea to take the necessary steps right now if you are able to. I'm actually guilty of not doing as much as I can, but instead of complaining I'd rather give my readers this knowledge to better themselves!

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For instance, if you want to become a voice actor or musician, start by studying the voices of others and the techniques they use. Start doing fan dubs over different anime that interest you. Maybe even take the time to dabble into singing and voice impressions. YouTube is filled to the brim with fan subs, song covers, and other vocal works. For musicians who don't like singing, there's many guides they teach you how to compose, read sheet music, and master composition programs.

If your sights are set for art, manga, or light novel work, browse creative writing guides and techniques. A lot of these can be found via Google for no price at all. You can find tutorials on how to draw anime characters with ease on YouTube. Even if you can't afford fancy materials and special manga pens, just start with pen and paper. If you don't like drawing, check out a nice program known as Comipo, which I featured in another post of mine.

Lastly, if you're focused on creating a visual novel or video game a computer is going to become your best friend. It's almost necessary to pick up programming knowledge, or find someone willing to do it for you. It's also best to network and connect with other individuals interested in being part of a similar project. In order to grab the attention of soon to be consumers, streaming your work via Twitch or sharing it through social media is a great option.

These are just a few examples of projects otaku and anime fans may be involved in, but there's a whole lot more out there. The point is that all of these things can be done now, even with busy schedules, school, and work. If you can set aside an hour a day to work on your dreams, you will move closer and closer to making them a reality.

Although this not the usual anime post that is present here on Shooting Star Dreamer, I believe it is an important topic. Similarly to the title, I also felt like it was the right time to post this. Despite all that, I have to thank anime not necessarily for teaching me this lesson, but for giving me such an outlook on life that allows me to perceive things in a unique way. Long live anime and it's amazing lessons!

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Great article! Sometimes it's good to have a reminder of these sorts of things. As a Japanese saying goes: Omoitatta hi ga kichijitsu (The day you think of something is a lucky day to do it)

    1. It's so nice to see you again! Hopefully you've been doing well! ^_^

      Thank you, it means a lot to me. That was the very intention of this post and ironically ended up fueling the inspiration for writing it as well.

      That's a really nice saying! I'll definitely keep that in my thoughts!


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