Thursday, March 9, 2017

Happy Miku Day! 3/9 (Artwork Showcase)

Miku Day Shooting Star Dreamer

Happy Miku Day everyone! March 9th (3/9) holds significance for our favorite virtual idol. 3/9 can be read as Mi (Mitsu) ku in Japanese, which led to the holiday. Hatsune Miku's first solo concert, 39's Giving Day, also took place on this date in 2010. Lastly, as a way to thank Miku, the date can be said as San-Kyu (thank you) in Japanese.

There's been quite a few festivities going around, such as special sales from otaku merchandise providers and of course artwork from fans. Various companies have given tributes to Miku as well!

As for Shooting Star Dreamer, we'll showcase a few special artworks for your viewing pleasure, alongside with video footage of her Giving Day concert. We encourage you to check them out and celebrate all things Hatsune Miku! Don't forget to support the artists of course!

Miku Day 1
Sweet Night by ATDAN-

Miku Day 2
39 by 黎(クロイ)

Miku Day 3
歌を届ける by saihate

Miku Day 4
3。9 by Say HANa

Miku Day 5
39's MIKU DAY by sishenfan

Miku Day 6
ミクの日 by  ピナケス
Miku Day 7
39の日!by 7 : 24

Miku Day 8
ミクの日 by _FEI

Miku Day 9
39 by ajimita

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