Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nintendo Direct Live Stream Recap

Good morning everyone! Today at 7 A.M. EST (4 A.M. PST) Nintendo recently live streamed a new edition of Pokemon Direct. For anyone who missed the live stream, it can be replayed now at the following link. So what new interesting and unique features did we see? Well, let's take a look shall we?

From the beginning we see a short recap of the previous Pokemon games, ranging from red, blue, and yellow all the to Black 2 and White 2. It's a great way to show the evolution of Pokemon for people who have not had experience with the games. We're also reminded of the joys of Pokemon Box and My Pokemon Ranch, providing us with features to store our Pokemon outside of our game cartridges. However, who knew that these would lead to a new feature that surpasses all the others: Pokemon Bank.

So what is this so called Pokemon Bank? Well, it's basically a storage system that allows you to store Pokemon online. There's no hassle in having to keep track of game cartridges and handheld systems when all your Pokemon are being safely stored elsewhere. It allows you to store your Pokemon in cloud storage for a set price.  The Bank grants storage of 100 boxes, with leads to a outstanding storage of 3,000 Pokemon.

Aside from the outstanding news of Pokemon Bank, we were also shown the mega evolutions of the original three starters, Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. We were also informed of a device called a Mega Ring.

A midst these many announcements we have learned that the 3DS bundle is coming to America, and will apparently be available as early as September 27.

What do these changes mean for the future of pokemon?

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  1. I already have Kyogre and he's so powerful


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