Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Few Blog Updates, Content Stolen

Hello everyone, I've working under the hood with the blog again, and I've made a few noticeable changes. Hopefully, this makes the blog a bit more easy to navigate, as well as making the experience better for my viewers.

Taking a look at the right sidebar, I've added a button to make it more convenient to follow me. I'm surprised that this went unnoticed for a while, but I've taken care of the problem. 
First button at the top to follow.
Another change I've made is to the comment system. I had no clue that comments required a verification code to comment. I think this is kind of silly, so it's removed for the time being. Anyone who wants to comment can do so now. On top of this I've cleaned up the title bar, by removing links that aren't really relevant anymore.

As you can also tell from the picture above, the scroll bar has been fixed. The sidebar should not conflict with the scroll bar anymore. You can freely read posts without the annoying pop up.  

Now for a somewhat negative seems that someone has taken my blog content. A website known as I never requested for my blog to be posted on their website and they have taken all of posts; pictures included. 

I would just like anyone who is following my blog on feedspot to please don't. Their website is not promoting my blog in any way, but only making money for them. If you're reading this via feedspot, please click this link Please follow my real blog! Also, I'm not sure what's being shown and what's not on feedspot. So I'm posting my name here: Rekari Ryuusei. 

I repeat, feedspot, never received in permission from me in regards to posting my content. If you are following me on that website please come to my own,, you can find me by my writing name Rekari Ryuusei. 

Thank you!

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  1. Oh no! That's shady thing to do! Don't they have better thing to do?


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