Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Anime Blog Thoughts: Personality and Blogging

Angel Beats Yuri and Kanade

When I started this blog, I didn't really think of it too much, in regards to me as the writer. I always thought that taking care of the blog mattered more than how I was feeling or the content of my thoughts at the time. When I look at my old blog posts, I notice differences in how I wrote, how I thought, and the lingering emotion behind my words. Sometimes it was great, sometimes it was bad, and other times it was just mediocre. Looking upon this now as an experienced anime blogger has really taught me a good amount of lessons.

One that always comes to mind is the realization that a blog's quality isn't always judged or altered by the blog itself. Sometimes, the quality of the blog depends on the one who is writing it. Since all of my words come from my head, unless I am quoting someone else or a specific source, this lesson might seen a little obvious. Funny enough, it took me until now to realize this.

So I feel that the best thing a blogger can do to improve their website, outside of the typical maintenance, is to work on themselves. Even though my blog isn't completely about me, I play a major role in it's success. Success for me, is basically providing interesting, involving, and inspiring content for you, as well as introducing more people to the positive side of otaku culture.

Many of my post ideas come from the things I've experienced in life, which usually involve watching anime, reading manga, and playing video games. However, other things have given me more insight on certain subjects. Examples of such are interacting with fans of anime and Japanese culture, reading on the opinions of groups of people. Even things such as learning Japanese and doing things completely unrelated to anime have given me some of my best blog ideas.

Whispers of the Heart

Of course I've picked up a few skills and have developed from my blog, but these other experiences allowed me to develop and grow as a person as well. All of this combined caused a change in my personality or to be more specific, a greater development of my current personality. So I see posts I wrote that don't even sound like me at this point, but I realize that it was probably during a time where I was going through changes that might not have been as pleasant.

You might ask if I regret putting out such posts at such times, but my answer would be no. For bloggers who are reading this, understanding that your growth changes the way you think and feel is very beneficial to your writing. If you're aware of this, you can know when you want to write, and how to avoid putting out bad posts that don't fit your style. Also, even if you do publish a bad or less satisfactory post at some times, you will know that it's okay, because it's not something that will go on forever. Every blogger has bad days, and good days, so it's good to get used to both, and find a way to work around the bad when it happens.

With this I ask bloggers a question, "What defines your personality? What makes you different from the rest of the crowd, and why?" I think this question is important for any person to ask, because when you know yourself and what drives you, you can use your strengths to your advantage. When you don't know yourself, well, it's a little harder.

This does not mean you should attempt to change your personality if you are perceived negatively by the online population. Many people have many different ideas and sometimes even if you are nice, you may receive dislike based on your position and morals. However, a person who states their opinions peacefully and accepts others gains more respect than one who does not state them at all. Although our personality is the driving force behind many of the things we do, I feel we should not be afraid of ourselves, and instead speak what we feel as long as we are not causing harm to others.

With that being said, hopefully this post was helpful to my fellow bloggers out there, or anyone who reads this. Please check out a few of my other posts if this is your first time reading, if not, thank you for always taking time out of your day to view my words! It means a lot to me!

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