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Anime Blogging: When is the Right Time to Post?

Hatsune Miku

When it comes to anime blogging, it's almost a necessity to ask many questions. When I first started blogging, I used to be quick to send posts through, without a second thought. I later found out that doing so wasn't always the best approach, because it led to posts that were riddled with errors. With that being said, I think one of the most important questions for an anime blogger to ask is "Should I publish this post now? Is this really the right time?"

From my perspective I struggle greatly when finding the right time to post. Due to differences in scheduling, I have time to blog only at certain odd moments such as 3:00 A.M. in the morning and other crazy times. Despite this, I never wanted to post at such moments or I never wanted to save a post for later and automatically set it to post at a different time. I've had a deep need to post my thoughts when they're fresh, which is somewhat detrimental.

Obviously though, this can lead to a good amount of complications that can halt the progress in a otherwise active blog. I feel like this goes all the way back to wanting things to be completely free of errors or faults before showing it to the world, which is sometimes not a decent thought process.

I have learned from many resources and other bloggers that the most accurate way to post is to either follow a set routine or to only post at specific times during the early parts of the day. However, this can also be kind of harmful especially if your blog has worldwide viewers, who read and view your posts at different times of the day. If you run a blog like that, then you'll be posting at a bad time for at least one person who views your blog, but I still don't think that should be a deciding factor.

Denpa Kyoushi Anime Blog
"When people ask why I'm so busy."

So when trying to determine the right time to post, it's best to learn about yourself and your readers first. I don't believe in focusing on one group, yourself or the readers, separately. Both groups are very important, and need to be taken care of. So when you know what your readers feel best with, and what you feel best with, its finally time to form a compromise. That compromise is your posting time.

Aside from that, for me I've realized that there really is no right time to post. Technically there is when it comes to optimization for blog views and all of that, but if you're not happy and you're readers aren't happy, then I don't believe all of that matters too much. I've met many bloggers who had very little amounts of views and are happy with what they have. Others are grateful for their large amounts and shower them with large amounts of appreciation. I believe that is alright as well!

However, I believe focusing only on raking in views is not a good way to post or to run your blog at all. So for anyone whose blog posting schedule has halted due to such reasons, this post is for you. There really is no sole right time to post; it is completely up to the blogger themselves. As long as your blogging is making you happy and your viewers happy, that is ultimately all that matters.


  1. This is a nice assessment. The best time to post does depend on who is reading. Waiting to post gives the article time to simmer in your mind. You may realize the article isn't something worth posting. The distance time allows also helps you revise more effectively. It is easy to dash off a stream of consciousness, but isn't the Net already littered with such? It is better to keep to a posting schedule and focus on quality.

    Again, good advice in this article. It is easy to lose focus on readers in the pursuit of views.

    1. Thank you for commenting!

      Yes, ever since I started becoming more patient with posting, I've had many articles that I took a second look at, and figured out that I wasn't meant to post them. Sometimes it was the topic or how it was written, and other times I guess you could say it was intuition.

      Yeah I agree, I actually really dislike stream of consciousness at times. Myself, I cannot run with a schedule because it's just not how I work, but for anyone who likes to keep things in order, I really recommended it. I'd say consistently putting out quality posts is definitely better than putting out constant low-quality posts. Then again, it's really up to the blogger because everyone does things different and can make them work.

      Thank you though, I really appreciate your kind words!

  2. There is definitely no right time to post. I just started my blog in March (but was a fan of anime since '97, yes I am starting verrrrryyyyyy late), and I aimed to publish at least by 10PM PST every Sunday night. I would always aim for that, even when I just though of the topic 2 hours earlier, but I noticed having a deadline helps more than just publishing whenever. Having a set schedule helps, but also deviating from that sometimes helps too.

    "Everything in moderation, including moderation."

    1. Thank you for commenting!

      Welcome to the anime blogging world then! (A little late, but still better than nothing.) I will definitely be checking out your blog.

      I agree that usually deadlines are best. If its working for you than stick to it. I tend to deviate and post when I have the opportunity, but that's due to my crazy schedule. I think a good element of blogging experimentation, as it took quite a bit for me to figure out what works best.

      That's a very nice quote!

    2. Thanks for reading my response! Heh, right now I am not updateing my blog atm due to re-working the site itself (though I posted an entry last Sunday about it, I'm switching CMS and theme). But after that I will go back to my old schedule and squeeze more during the weeks, besides looking at many of your old posts and other blogs for references and inspiration.

      Keep up your wonderful posts!

    3. You're very welcome!

      I see, no problem! I will be awaiting your eventual revamp them. I'm happy that you enjoy my posts, and that they are an inspiration to someone out there. It really means a lot to me.

      Sorry for asking, but is there a way to follow your blog as of now? I was trying to figure out how, but wasn't able to find a way.

    4. Oh no problem! I left it as a link for my name, but here it is again:


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