Sunday, July 27, 2014

Blog Update #2 July 2014

Hey guys! Usually I don't do more than one blog update per month, let alone one post per day, but I'm trying a few new things this time around. There's a few things I wanted to talk about during this update.

First, I've been working on my gadget bar to the right. I understand that the follower gadget doesn't always appear, and that many people don't want to follow with their Google Accounts. Other people don't even have an account to begin with. So I've decided it would be better to change this way of following.

Of course you can still access it through the gadget bar on the right or subscribe by email, but from now on it's best to click the link that says "Follow Me!" at the top of my page. I just hope this clears up a few issues that arose when people have tried to follow my blog.

Also, I would like to announce that I've finished creating a profile on a website called It's pretty much a basic profile, with links to all forms of media. If you have the time please check it out! ^_^

Until then, see you~

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