Sunday, January 4, 2015

Anime Blog Update January 2015 (Important)

Good morning and welcome to my first post of the new year. School is starting again for me soon, so a drop in content may be present as I get adjusted to my new schedule. Don't worry, it will only be momentary, and Shooting Star Dreamer will still be active. If anything, I hope for my school days to give me more to write about. (no pun intended.) 

So you've probably clicked on this post to find out what exactly is going on when it comes to this Blog Update. As I mentioned before, there's a few things I've been working on besides writing. There's also a lot I have to share with you guys, but I'll break it down. 

First of all...I'd like to say that my YouTube channel will be given an overhaul and it's going to be active soon. I'd like to get up gameplay footage, visual novels, and other such things for you guys to enjoy. It would be great if I could also find a way to spread my posts in the form of videos, but I will let that come later.

Secondly, I have finally obtained my own domain! Instead of, the website will be! It's much easier to remember and I feel like I have more control over my website this way. I haven't made this switch yet, but please keep a look out for the change. I'll try my best to make all links using to redirect to the new domain, so for now don't worry about it. Keep this is mind though.

Finally, I would like to organize an event that involves many different anime bloggers. It doesn't matter what type of genre you cover, what type of posts you write, or the amount of viewers, anyone who has an active anime blog is eligible to participate. I want it to be a wonderful project that brings publicity, friendships, and new changes for everyone. This is still in the works so more info will come later, and as always, stay tuned! If you want to know a little more or are interested please contact me via my profile using the sidebar to the right. -----> 

So that's pretty much it! It's a lot to take in, but I will keep spreading information and eventually make a post regarding the event. Hopefully you all are having a wonderful 2015! Until next time, see you!

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