Friday, May 17, 2013

Check Out My Cool Threads!

Here's some of the cool stuff I picked up at KhaoticKon!

Wall Scrolls

Was searching for a Sage Mode Naruto scroll, but unfortunately I was unable to locate one. 


B Gata H Kei is a slice of life anime. Instead of focusing on a male protagonist, the story revolves around a girl known as Yamada. She is a fifteen year old high school student. The story turns into a romantic comedy, and is quite funny. Quite a change from the usual high school plot.

Case Closed is a detective anime. The main character is a hotshot seventeen year old detective who is transformed into a young boy. He searches to find the criminals behind his transformation while solving cases despite his small posterior. 


Nendoroid Miku and Kaito. My brother absolutely loves Kaito. The parts swap out and you can change the faces and even body parts of the figures. It's quite interesting seeing Kaito's head on Miku's body.


A nice picture of Wind Waker Link and a magatama necklace. Mine is a bit different than the one pictured, but it's quite similar. 

That's all! I still wanted so much more!

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