Saturday, October 4, 2014

Let's Share: An Amazing Artist

It's been quite a bit since I've done a "Let's Share" that focuses on a single person. Like I said when I started the series, I want to focus on people who don't always get noticed, but have a lot of talent and potential. We talk about the "greats" all the time, but what about the people who are working hard, but not recognized? They need attention too.

So today for you all, I'd like to focus on an artist who I think is amazing. I love looking into wonderful works of art, and a certain person's stands out to me. For today's spotlight, I'd like to showcase Racho-chan. For a complete list of her work, please check out her Twitter which can be found at this link.

She doesn't necessarily focus on one subject, as her work involves drawings of anime characters, as well as realistic art. The quality between both does not decrease though, as you can tell that a lot of work was put into each drawing.

On top of this Racho-chan is a fan of Naruto, (just like me) and her art regarding this is also quite stunning. Instead of me giving you words, how about I let the art speak?

Racho's Work

So again, please check out more of her artwork at the link provided above. Also, thank you Racho-chan for allowing me to do a spotlight on you. I think your art is great, and you have a lot of potential to go very far and become even better than you are now.

For my readers, I hope to do more things like this. I like to focus more on the community than the big names, because the community is what really matters. The community is what builds our future leaders and inventors; our future greats. So I think that everyone no matter how young or old needs a little bit of spotlight and appreciation at times!

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