Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Fest Has Ended, Now What?

Hello again everyone! I guess you could call this my second Halloween Blog Update. Yesterday, Halloween Fest went on and I think things went really well. I wasn't able to do exactly everything I wanted, but I still liked how everything turned out.

That being said, I would love to do another event like this again for another holiday. Since there isn't much to do for Thanksgiving, stay tuned, and you might see something for Christmas. Next time I will probably ask for some assistance, as doing everything by myself was a little hard!

Right now I would like to take any suggestions on what to do the next time I have such an event Feel free to leave a comment here and let me know. I also would love to have some sort of way to receive anonymous questions and suggestions, but I'm not sure how to go about that yet. If anyone knows more on that please tell me!

A few things that I will try to do better next time.
  • More things going on, to appeal to a wider audience.
  • Host some sort of giveaway, I'm not sure how and what.
  • Definitely plan ahead, I came up with this idea too close to Halloween.
  • Start providing pictures/wallpapers before the holiday date, since people didn't really have time to put them to use.
  • Recruit a few helpers to lessen the burden. 
  • Attempt to send a better graphic around at an earlier date and multiple times.
  • Find something that works better with my Facebook Page. 
  • Really go deep in customizing my many outlets for the holiday, and at an earlier date.
  • More interactions with the community.
If there's anything else that should go on this list, I'm all ears. I will keep note of this post and use it for reference, so any suggestions will be added here.

As promised, I have collected mostly everything that went on during Halloween Fest. There were quite a few pictures posted on my blog, as well as music on Twitter/Facebook. A few anime recommendations went through as well! I also released a wallpaper pack here on Halloween. Here's everything in a neater fashion.

Halloween Fest




Wallpaper Pack

Hopefully everyone had a great and safe Halloween! I'll see you all soon!

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