Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Examples of a Japanese Speech (Part Three)

No, I haven't forgotten about this series! The speech this time is concerning the topic of favorite places. It was really hard for me to come up with a favorite place, much less describe it. I ended up picking the place I love the most, this world that we live in!

As usual, I will post both the speech in Hiragana/Kanji/Katakana and Romaji. Towards the end I will include a rough translation of the speech. I hope you all enjoy this series, because it's a way to bring the formal speech of Japanese to my readers. We hear informal speech all the time in anime, manga, and the like, so I think this a nice breath of fresh air. With that in mind, here we go!






Watashi no Suki na Basho

Watashi no suki na basho wa sekai desu. Sekai de takusan hitobito ga imasu. Soushite, takusan hitobito yasashi desu. Watashi wa motto tomodachi ga hoshi node, motto hitobito ni aitai desu. Demo, watashi wa gaikokugo o hanashu no ga jyouzu ni naranakereba ikemasen.

Mata, sekai wa kirei to omoimasu. Tatoeba, okii yama ya, kirei umi ga arimasu. Watashi wa iro iro na basho ni ikitai desu.

Hitobito ga suki da shi, sekai wa daiji da shi, watashi wa sekai ni totemo kyomi ga arimasu.

Minna-san, sekai wa taisetsu desu ka?

The Place That I Like

The place that I like the most is the world. The world is full of many people, and many of them are nice. I would like to make more friends, but I need to meet more people first. In order to do this, I need to become better at speaking foreign languages.

Also, I think this world is beautiful. We have many beautiful places in nature, such as big mountains and beautiful oceans. I would like to go to many of these places.

Because I like people, and the world is important to me, I'm very interested in the world. 

Everyone, is the world important to you?

So that's pretty much it guys! Hopefully you learned something from seeing this, or enjoyed it. Maybe it was a good way to brush up on your Japanese? Who knows! I just hope to have helped someone in some way or form!

That's all for now! See you all soon!

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