Friday, June 27, 2014

Blogging for Everyone, Not Just Me

People always say that we make blogs for ourselves and that the primary focus of a blog such as mine is our own thoughts and feelings. However, this thought never sat well with me. If we're all connected on this vast world through the internet and the little community known as the aniblogosphere, why would I spend my time only talking about myself? Even if it comes to simple editorials, spotlights, or more, my thought process when blogging is the exact same every time. I'm writing for my readers, and myself.

For this reason, I encourage and even ask for people to comment and share their thoughts on anime. Why not get into heated discussions about your likes and dislikes? Just keep it calm and don't go overboard. You can even connect with people who enjoy the same things and discuss; that's the beauty of the Aniblogosphere. I think this is the only way to keep the community thriving and alive. 

Otherwise, we'd just have a bunch of loudmouths. For example, while looking around the internet one day, I stumbled upon an interesting article. It basically talked about how the internet has become a bunch of people who want their voices be heard. They stated that everyone is talking but no one is listening. Through forms of social media, we may talk, voice our opinions, and rant. However, what does that accomplish if we don't listen to others? Although I cannot say if I really agree with that statement or not, I believe it would certainly become real if everyone started blogging only for themselves.

You can even think of it like a business. Yes, it's necessary to focus on your own earnings and build yourself up, but how can you do that without any support from others? Our blogs are the businesses we're raising, and they won't get anywhere without the consumers and competition. By supporting another anime blogger through blogrolls, guest posting, or a simple comment, we're boosting them and ourselves. Giving a simple anime fan some attention in the spotlight, is the way to make social connections, and let someone else have a chance at the limelight. It's not just one person benefiting, everyone is! I believe this is the magic of blogging and the secret to connecting the community of anime fans. 

So if you have the chance, please leave a comment after reading! What do you think about the anime blogging community? Are you a blogger or a dedicated reader? Let your voice be heard!


  1. As an avid reader of anime blogs, I think the anime blogging community in general should be more inclusive towards kids' anime. There's very little content regarding them regardless of previews, reviews and news. There's even a stereotypical name for them: Kiddie shit. While there are kids' anime that is certainly lack of quality (Majin Bone, Duel Masters VS and Saikyou Ginga Ultimate Zero: Battle Spirits came to my mind), most of them are better than anime aimed at older audiences (Aikatsu!, Gundam Build Fighters & Future Card Buddyfight, among others). Hopefully I'm not alone on this matter.

    1. Sorry for taking so long to respond, I was blogging on the go. Thank you for commenting though!

      I certainly love kids' anime. In fact, I think I learn more from anime directed at a younger audience than the ones directed at adults. Most people overlook it though, and think that it has little to no meaning because it's just for kids, but that's rarely the case. So you're definitely not alone in this matter!

      In fact, I might even start talking more about these types of anime since you brought it to my attention. So thank you for that!


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