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Thoughts on Santa Company

Santa Company Anime

What does Christmas mean to you? What in the world is Santa Company? A few of you might have those thoughts after reading the title of this post. It doesn't have anything to do with a toy company or any other sort of event. It's well, an anime about Christmas.

Santa Company started off as a KickStarter project, an idea by Kenji Studio and TAG International. After it was fully funded, a short 28-30 minute anime episode was produced. The anime features a few characters, the main ones being young workers at the Santa Company.

The goal of the company is to deliver presents all over the world for Christmas. While people are used to a single Santa Clause and single team of reindeer doing all the work, this anime shakes that idea up a bit. Instead, we have multiple Santa Claus and multiple reindeer. We even have more than one red-nosed reindeer.

Noel White Santa Company
Noel White, The Central Character.

The Santa Company is a little different though. They don't necessarily deliver presents only, as they have different departments that do different things. For instance, we have a Santa Department, Gift Department, and Reindeer Department. They each have different roles, such managing reindeer, delivering gifts, and or home security.

From the story summary, it seems like their wouldn't be much of a plot or issue, but a late letter arrives at the company and changes this. They decide to scrap the letter because it's late, but Noel overhears this and is determined to get the present to the child. Thus the story of the four children's adventure begins!

First things first, I feel like the anime is really well made barring it's time. Sure, there are a few things that didn't make too much sense, and there's things that seemed a little rush, but what can you do with such little time. The important things are still there, the story flows well, the characters are very appealing, and the main plot doesn't need too much explaining to be understandable. With all these things together we have a decent anime.

Santa Company Anime Characters
The main cast of Santa Company,

One of the things I liked the most is the little lessons that were hidden in the anime. The first one is about doing what is right. Sometimes even though people follow a set code for their daily life, it may not always be the right thing. Having the courage to follow something that is different from everyone else is hard, but in the end you may be the one in the right.

The second lesson is to remember your friends and to not be afraid to rely on them. The Santa Company runs on a key goal and has a leader, but that leader can't accomplish things on their own. Without workers their would be no company. Everyone has to play a part to make the business successful.

The last lesson, and more important of all, is the power of Christmas. Christmas is a really unique holiday, and it means different things to everyone. It's important to find your own meaning of Christmas, rather than following what someone has set for you. There is no right answer.

In regards to the genre, I'm really happy to see a more diverse series. We focus on the same things too much in anime, such as high school life, monsters, vampires, and more. I think it's time to expand anime into different aspects of life such as holidays. We need more people who think differently than others, than people following the same habits and topics again and again. This is just my opinion.

So if you have the time, try out Santa Company. It's a great anime that's short enough and well-written for anyone to watch.

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