Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Anime Xmas Image Pack

Hello everyone! Hopefully you all are enjoying the holiday season and soon to come Xmas! As my gift to you, I'd like to give you all something more than a few renders. This time, you're getting a whole lot of Anime Xmas Pictures!

Instead of just giving you all a wallpaper pack, I decided that I wanted to share some of these images with others, instead of keeping them all for myself. So here they are, various images of various characters in various sizes. The only thing not various about them is the theme and quality!

The images will be divided into three different ways. I'll post a link to each one of course. The first will feature an online gallery of all the images, made for easy browsing and for those who like to see before downloading. The second will feature the zip file of the image folder, with all the images at your leisure. The third will be a link to one of my favorite sourcing websites, in case you want to find the artist of a particular image.

So hopefully you all enjoy the images! As usual, nothing too questionable or unsafe will be include as I try my best to keep Shooting Star Dreamer appropriate for readers of any age! Please stay tuned for a soon to be, wallpaper pack. Use the Anime Xmas Images as you wish! Happy Holidays!


  1. Thank you!! Please make more/another this year!

    1. You're very welcome! Please check out my recent post, you inspired me to do more wallpaper/image packs! I'll make sure to do an Xmas one closer to Christmas for sure!

  2. Hoping to see more anime like games this coming year!!!


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