Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Anime Xmas Wallpaper Pack

Good evening everyone! The holiday season continues, and I'm bringing you yet another pack of images. This time, it's a pack of beautiful anime wallpapers! Even the Christmas Eve and Christmas is here and ending soon, feel free to keep the decorations up until the end of year! That's how I do things anyways!

Like before, the images will be divided in three different parts. The first will be a link to the gallery, featuring every single image separately. Feel free to browse if you want insight into what you're downloading before you actually take action. The second will be a link to a zip file containing the full wallpaper pack, and the third will be a website to easily find the source of images. It's perfect for those who like an image so much they want to find the other work of an author.

Like always, I try not to include any images that are questionable, so feel free to download. Hopefully you all enjoy the Anime Xmas Wallpapers and enjoy the holiday season!

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