Friday, December 12, 2014

A Mangaka Who Sticks to Reality Than Satisfying Her Audience

I want to first thank you Rekari-Kun for allowing me just chance to be a contributing author on his blog. It’s an honor to be here and I hope this will become an amazing experience for many others and us.

Mangas and animes alike many of the times I feel they listen too much to the audience and twist and turn endings and plots to gain more publicity likes and views. That is an upsetting truth that we can only accept because creative people want their works to be accepted and obsessed over by fans than to be hated and shunned.

However, I feel no matter how creative people change their works’endings and plots it can never be able to satisfy the hearts of fans. There will always be those who still hate and shun the ending either way, there will always be hate and unfavor. No matter how hard creative people work they can never understand their fans and must make decisions they see fit for their works.

I feel that the manga Hirunaka no Ryuusei is one amazing example of this. If you haven’t heard or read it, please check the link below to see the synopsis of it:

This amazing manga recently ended and the way the mangaka ended things caused joy and also frustration among its audience. I won’t deny that I was one of those in frustration. But there lies a much deeper lesson of life when you are able to see past your obsessional thoughts. I won’t go in detail of the plot nor what happens but I will just give you a brief view of the lesson of life it taught us at the end.

All things happen for a reason and people tend to worry and think too much rather than just listen to their hearts and be sure of what it is they want in life. When someone decides to choose friendship over love, they don’t realize what they are giving up. When they realize what they’ve lost and turn around to chase after the back of the one they wounded so deeply, they will see that the person has already moved on. What’s done cannot be undone. What one gave up cannot be regained because life doesn’t work that way. The moment you chose to give the one you loved up to preserve friendship was the moment you became the saddest person on earth.

If we were able to be sure of ourselves, of what we desire, we would lessen a massive amount of this type of tragedy.

The second lesson I saw in this manga was the lesson that hard work towards chasing after what you want and having an unwavering level of certainty will reward you with fruitful results. Hard work will be noticed and seen by the one you are trying to reach and they will be the most grateful and happiest person alive.

The final lesson I want to mention is to not dwell on what has come to past. Don’t turn a blind eye to those who’ve always been there for you when you are blinded by your pain and hurt. Don’t take those who’ve always remained by your side through the good and bad for granted. Sometimes the one you’re meant to be with is the one who was always there, and you were too foolish to see because you saw no one other than the one you loved.

Yamamori Mika does such an amazing job at remaining loyal to what is most natural throughout her work and she gave it the ending she saw was most realistic and believable so bravo for sticking to your guts and facing the fiery and love of your fans! More authors and artists should see her as a role model.

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