Monday, September 8, 2014

Don't Just Be a Consumer (Take Hold of Anime)

The otaku, the anime fans, and avid followers of any obsession, are the ones who continuously indulge in new media. We spend many hours watching, playing, and reading. We spend mass amounts of money on the products. However, why do we just settle to buying or collecting things that have been made by others? Why not take things into our hands and create our own?

The problem is, many people don't think this way. In fact, very few people think about the things they do on a daily basis. We're conditioned to act mindlessly without thinking about whats going on. So how about today, we take a small amount of time and think?

In my country, America, many of the products we use on a daily basis aren't even produced here. Flip over any old appliance indoors, and you'll see a "Made in (Insert Country Here)" label. Out of all the things you own, how many things are made in your country? If you live here, not many.

So first of all, the things that we love aren't even coming from the places we live. So we constantly consume things we don't make. Does this mean we should make every little thing ourselves? No, that would be crazy, but we should definitely look into getting into the industry of the things we love.

This goes along the lines of following your passion and dreams. Many people tend to settle for less than they deserve. I have friends who love a certain type of music or video game. They constantly just buy the product, and come up with such great ideas and ways the item could be improved. However, their suggestions will never have any action if they're not the ones creating the object.

The same goes with anime. We watch anime, legally or illegally, and review it. We share it with our friends, and fall in love with the characters and plot. Out of all of these efforts, many never try to get into the anime industry. Many never create their own characters and stories, and many ideas go to waste.
Check out Shirobako, this upcoming anime is all about the anime industry.
So instead of being a simple consumer, try producing something of your own. It may be hard at first, but keep trying. Every person out there has great ideas, if they have the courage to share them with the world. Grasp that courage, and create something amazing. Don't be second best, be THE best.

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