Thursday, September 25, 2014

Blogging with a Schedule

Despite the type of blogger you are, there comes a time when you ask the question if a schedule is necessary. If you look at many successful blogs and websites, they tend to provide articles and posts for their viewers consistently. Readers know when to visit and can expect something on a daily or weekly basis. While this is something that seems simple, it's a great way to build a loyal viewership.

The only thing is, every blogger is different, and every blog is different. The blog itself is an extension of the blogger, a representation of their thoughts and feelings in the form of text. So like people, one method may not work well for everyone. It depends on the person and the blog.

So when it comes to this blog, Shooting Star Dreamer, I don't think a schedule works. Yes, I made a post before about creating a schedule and limiting myself to those posting times and dates, but the longer I tried to pull this off the worst it became. I started rushing my writing and felt pressured to bring posts on time. I felt that I was failing my readers by missing deadlines. 

If nothing else, the schedule did nothing but decrease the quality of my blog and writing. It also caused a lot of unneeded stress. So while a schedule may be a smart thing to do when managing a blog, it's something that doesn't work for me. I'm the type of person who needs flexibility with my schedule. I want to post when I want and write about what I want. I don't want anything to control that.
Remember your qualities and build your blog from there. When it comes to advice, make sure you're not just following the words of others just because you think it's right. It needs to come from inside you as well!
So while this post is something that is mostly aimed at other bloggers and writers, I think any reader can take something away from this. Just because someone gives you advice, be careful how you take it and use it. Their advice could not be right for you, so I think it's sometimes best to find people who support you, but also have a similar way of thinking. For example, I took the advice about scheduling and it went horrible. That advice is good, but it's definitely not for me. Anyone who knows me understands that I'm pretty free-spirited, and limiting me with a schedule is a horrible idea.

For you bloggers, even if you're not only anime writers or you only focus on a completely different topic, you can still take something from this. Find what works for you, and stick with it. Apply this concept anywhere, and it'll make your life easier.


  1. Whatever you have to tell yourself to make yourself feel better.

  2. Good advice! It's anyways good to figure out what kind of planning works or doesn't work for people. I used to use schedules for a while, but they ended up burning me out! Now I usually use to-do lists, or to-do by such-and-such date lists, as they give me a little more freedom, and aren't quite as strict as a schedule.
    I'm impressed you can keep up posting regularly without a planning method though! I couldn't do that. And your posts are always so inspiring to boot!

    1. Thank you for commenting!

      Yes, that's exactly what happened to me! I was actually forced to use a planner when I was in middle school. They would check it everyday and we had to fill it out for a grade. After that, I never really wanted to touch one again...but I still like to jot down notes on what needs to be done, like you said.

      Haha, I just usually get my ideas from my daily life, so it's rare for me to run out of things to post. I'm a little speechless to be honest. You don't know how happy it makes me to know that someone likes my writing...and finds it inspirational. gives me such a warm feeling inside, I can't even describe it. Thank you so much!


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