Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Example of a Japanese Speech (Part Two)

Hello everyone! I understand it's been a while since I posted, but I've been very busy with college. Still, I don't want to abandon you guys, so here's a new post! If you missed my first example of a Japanese Speech, please check out my old post which can be found here. You can find all the important information there as well.

I hope to continue to focus on things like this so my readers can learn Japanese. I feel that by being attached to anime, manga, and Japan itself, we should attempt to learn the language. It shocks me when I hear that people have lived in Japan or are living in Japan when they don't even understand Japanese.

So I'll share my learning here as I progress in Japanese. Hopefully you all enjoy and please continue to follow my explorations of the Japanese language. On to the speech!

私の好きな音楽はボーカロイドです。ボーカロイドの音楽は日本語やえいごです。たくさん歌手がいます。歌手は歌って, おどります。しかし、歌手はあにめです。私は初音三クがいちばん好きです。

また、ボーカロイドのコンサートに行きたいです。でもあのコンサートで日本や ニューヨークやカリフォルニアがあります。みなさん、YouTube で ボーカロイドをみてください。

Watashi no suki na ongaku wa bokaroido desu. Bokaroido no ongaku wa nihongo ya eigo desu. Takusan kashu ga imasu. Kashu wa utatte, odorimasu. Shikashi, kashu wa anime desu. Watashi wa Hatsune Miku ga ichiban suki desu.

Mata, bokaroido no konsato ni ikitai desu. Demo, ano konsato de Nihon ya New York ya California ga arimasu. Mina-san, Youtube de bokaroido o mitekudasai.

My favorite type of music is Vocaloid. Vocaloid music is in Japanese, English, and other languages. There are many singers. The singers sing and also dance. Also, the singers are anime characters. My favorite is Hatsune Miku.

In addition, I would like to go to a Vocaloid concert, but they are only in Japan, New York, and California, and other places aside from Florida. Everyone, please look at Vocaloid on Youtube!

This is just a simple speech and not meant to be anything fancy, but hopefully you can take some sort of knowledge or understanding away from this my readers!

That's all for now!

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