Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Let's Share: No Logic

Hello everyone! I have a question for you all today, it's pretty simple and straightforward. How do you function in your daily lives? Does your mind and intellect rule your decisions, or do you listen to your heart? Maybe a little bit of both?

Well despite your answer, I had the urge to share a Vocaloid song since I haven't done anything dealing with Let's Share in a while. So I picked another one of my favorites No Logic. For a little bit of information on the song, it's composed by JimmyThumb-P, and sung by Megurine Luka. For more information on the composer, click here.

This song stands out to me for many reasons. One, because it's a way of thinking that I constantly base my actions on. For example, this phrase from the song reminds me a lot of myself... 

"Itsudatte shizen tai de itai'n desu..."
"Ima wa mada konna kimochi de ki mama ni aruiteitatte, ii yo ne"
"Always living for the moment, that's what I want to do...
With these feelings I have now, I want to walk on my own path."

I believe that if you follow your heart and instincts you won't be lead astray. In society, we're taught to use our heads and logic for everything we do. When we do something, people always ask us why we do it. Isn't it fine to not have a reason behind everything, but to just do what feels right? By listening to our thoughts and minds only, we're walking the path of others. We don't truly walk our own path until we do what is right for us.

This is basically the reason why this song resonates with me so much, it's a solid representation of my way of thinking.

Enough of my talking, here's the song for you all! Enjoy!

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