Saturday, September 6, 2014

Example of a Japanese Speech (Part One)

Hello everyone! In Japanese class, things have started getting serious. We're now doing speeches in front of the class, every Monday. So this gave me an idea, why not post my speeches here to show my continuing progress in Japanese?

However, if you remember, blogging isn't only for me. I know we hear casual speech in anime all the time, but how about something like a speech? I think this will be a great learning experience for novice Japanese speakers and fans who just want some insight.

So here's my speech! (No worries, I'll post an English version as well!)



しかし、日本のらーめんを食べたことがありません。でも、日本のが食べたいです。 みなさん、ベジタリアンのらーめんを食べてみてください!

The Food I Like is Ramen!

The food I like the most is ramen. I eat ramen with no meat, because I am vegetarian. I go to the supermarket in order to buy ramen. The ramen is vegetarian, and it only costs two dollars. It is very delicious.

However, I have never eaten Japanese ramen, but I would like to try it. Everyone, please try vegetarian ramen.

So as you can see, Japanese looks really intimidating, but it's not as hard as it's made out to be. Many people might get overwhelmed looking at the top speech, then surprised as they examine the bottom one. The speech is pretty short, and doesn't convey a lot. So you can think of Japanese as a facade, that tricks you into thinking it's complicated, when it's actually pretty simple.

I'm going to keep posting every one of these, so please follow my journey of Japanese learning with me!

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